“Gimatic is a global leader in automation and gripping solutions,” says the company’s COO, Guerino Rosso. “We have over 30 years experience developing components for robotic gripping.”

Gimatic was founded in 1985 in Brescia, Italy by three partners whose goal was to create a dynamic organization that was attentive to market developments and the needs of its customers. Patented in 1986, the company’s first product, was a pneumatic gripper for the industrial automation industry. Since then the Gimatic has filed over 170 patents and and has become a leader in the handling industry, producing over 2 million components annually.

Gimatic is well-known in its space for technical leadership. Gimatic invests 10% of its annual revenue back into research and development, which has created a steady stream of new innovation. The company is also recognized for its superior quality of its products. Thanks to advanced machinery and close-knit controls, consistency and reliability are ensured, spanning from individual components to final end-use products. Further, Gimatic takes pride in its culture of corporate social responsibility, adopting the strictest possible measures to safeguard the environment.

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Gimatic innovates more quickly and better serves its customers utilizing HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology

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