Balance speed and governance for your entire infrastructure portfolio

Every business today is a digital enterprise where customer experiences are powered by software applications. The development and delivery of those applications rely on multiple, continuous processes with DevOps and agile methodologies, team collaboration, and micro-services architectures that provide for smaller, more frequent releases.

In other words, software velocity is key.

Each stage of a software pipeline requires unique infrastructure. This often produces unintended consequences that make provisioning and managing infrastructure more complex. Configuration and tool sprawl, fragmented infrastructure, and islands of automation make provisioning and management more complex. Technical debt stemming from legacy tools and processes exacerbates this complexity and often requires special skill sets to Control Plane support and manage.

This complexity stresses software and infrastructure provisioning processes. Software developers and QA testers need access to multiple application environments that are continually updated to incorporate advanced tools, libraries, and architectures.

Additionally, applications often include a collection of cloud services that are orchestrated and dynamically provisioned alongside Control Plane
with virtual machines and containers. This can place developers/ testers and DevOps teams at odds with each other.

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