Table of Contents

Part 1: Authentic assessment overview

  • What is authentic assessment and how does it work?
  • Can authentic assessments be used in online courses?
  • Traditional vs. Authentic Assessments

Part 2: How to make authentic assessments for online courses (with examples)

  • 5 steps to create authentic assessments (with examples)
  • How to create a rubric for authentic assessments (template included)

Part 3: How to proctor online authentic assessments

Examples of how to apply online proctoring to these assessment types:

  • Presentations and demonstrations (Individuals and groups)
  • Essays (handwritten and typed)
  • Math problems using pen and paper
  • Use of real-software

Part 1:

Authentic Assessment Overview

What is authentic assessment?

Authentic assessment means that students are assessed by their ability to complete real-world tasks that demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Ultimately, authentic assessments prove that students can – not if – perform real-world tasks.

Authentic assessment examples

  • Presentations and demonstrations
  • Projects using real software and hardware
  • Game-based activities
  • Mock interviews and other role-playing scenarios
  • Portfolios of work
  • Debates and discussions
  • Reflective writing and self-assessments

To read full download the whitepaper:

Online Authentic Assessments

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