“Threat actors continue to pound away at organizations with a variety of new and previously seen ransomware strains, often leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.”1 The U.S. Treasury says ransomware payouts in 2021 could top the entire past decade. Understand today’s risks and take action based on FortiGuard recommendations.

Top cyber security leaders recommend these 4 critical strategies to address ransomware

Defend: Starting with access identity management, including MFA, know who and what is on your network. Compartmentalize access and use segmentation to slow and isolate malware. And basic IT hygiene, such as patching, needs to be prioritized.

Triage: Slow the attack, slow the attacker. Limit privilege access to buy critical time, segment the network, and maintain good cyber hygiene.

Recovery: Prevention tactics should also be included in recovery plans, such as quickly pivoting to the cloud to ensure business continuity and creating a “clean room” that replicates infrastructure to ensure faster recovery times.

Effective strategies start from the top down: Company executives, legal, corporate communications, and HR all need to be involved in planning and executing a crisis management strategy.

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Ransomware Risks and Recommendations

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