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Tata Consultancy Services serves as a full stakeholder in business, providing a consulting-led strategy together with an integrated portfolio of technologydriven solutions that span the whole enterprise value chain. Their customercentric engagement model outlines how they interact with customers, including specialized services and solutions tailored to specific business needs.

The company assembles bespoke teams based on a customer’s domain and technology requirements from a talent pool of over 509,058 worldwide professionals, 36.2% of whom are women representing 155 different nationalities. Their domain expertise is based on decades of experience working in a variety of sectors, and it is this knowledge that supports their solution suite.

Tata Consultancy Services Embeds WSO2 Technology Through Its Software OEM Program for the Banking Services Bureau Platform 


The contract to establish the Banking Software Service Bureau (BSSB) in Israel, based on the TCS BaNCS platform, was awarded to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). This platform enables banking customers to be onboarded and conduct their banking operations by providing IT hardware, software infrastructure, and operational services.

The Banking Service Bureau was created by the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Israel to boost competition in the banking sector and lower the cost of banking services. The expense of establishing technological infrastructure is one of the impediments to the foundation of a new bank and its continued operation. The Banking Service Bureau’s mission is to lessen the entry barrier to the banking market by providing computerized services to new banks and Deposit and Credit Associations.

The Banking Services Bureau platform provides services such as customer onboarding, current accounts, savings, and loans. The TCS BaNCS platform and additional supporting software systems from other vendors are used to provide the services. It was critical to provide customers with a secure, reliable API access platform with strong security and authentication mechanisms. API grouping and subscription management, API security, and API usage analytics were key functionalities sought after by the customer. Strong and adaptive authentication was facilitated with the WSO2 Identity and Access Management solution enhancing the value of the overall offering. The API platform along with the highly secure identity and access management capabilities were expected to serve the bank’s digital channels.

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Case Study – Tata Consultancy Services

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