6 steps to Survive the Avalanche of Data

There’s more data entering your CRM than ever before: Over 1.1 trillion megabytes of data are created every day. As this avalanche of data plunges into your CRM, the overall quality of your data becomes harder to maintain.

Don’t let the data landslide bring you down. Here are six steps you can take to survive the storm and maintain high data quality.

Establish a cross-functional data governance team

Data governance is a combination of processes, roles, standards, and metrics that ensure the consistency and trustworthiness of data and prevent it from being misused to Validity. In other words, it’s the game plan that’s going to keep the avalanche of data from sweeping you and your CRM away. Businesses with a designated data governance team show 42 percent greater confidence in data quality than those without. Members of a successful data governance team can come from anywhere in the company, including sales, marketing, operations, IT, and even finance.

Each department in your company uses data differently. For example, sales reps use it to gain a better understanding of their prospects, while marketers may use it to segment their email lists effectively 6 Steps to survive the Avalanche of data. Establishing a cross-functional data governance team can promote cohesion across your organization, ensure data is useful for all departments, and prevent data quality issues like duplicate or missing information.

Prevent data hoarding

Seventy-two percent of IT decision makers admit to hoarding data. It can be difficult to part ways with data, since there’s always a chance you might need it in the future. But holding on to data “just in case” does more harm than good The data in your CRM becomes outdated (or useless) over time. With the influx of new data entering your CRM, this is happening at a much faster rate. Retaining outdated data increases storage costs and wastes resources that could be used to maintain newer, more useful data. Think of hoarded data like the snow left after an avalanche. If you don’t remove it before the next storm, you’ll eventually be crushed.

Make data entry simple for system users

If they need to keep switching between multiple tabs to view and edit the data, there’s a greater chance they’ll enter the data incorrectly or miss a piece of data entirely. The more often this happens, the worse your overall data quality will become. Plus, with the influx of new data entering the CRM, this process will become even more overwhelming.

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