Advanced Integration for Pure Storage

Eleven features for driving All-flash Availability

In today’s 24×7 business world, IT can no longer wait while mission-critical applications are repaired, restored or replaced. Mission-critical application downtime is costly; the longer it takes to bring applications up, the bigger the hit to your bottom line.

Moreover, application data has become a critical business resource. Data analytics and AI deep learning require lots of data, the better you can train AI models and the more you can profit from business opportunities. However, data traditionally locked away in application silos needs to be freed from its application chains and made accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

Finally, while hardware and software systems are more reliable today, they have also become more complex. This complexity opens up the possibility of more system failures and inadvertent data corruption and loss. In addition, security threats such as cyber threats and attacks can result in data loss or corruption.

Fortunately, the answer to these and similar IT concerns is better data protection and recovery, which Veeam  Availability Suite™ and its advanced data protection features can provide. Below, we will describe the features of Veeam Availability Suite, describe the features of Pure Storage and then discuss the benefits of Pure Storage® integration with Veeam’s Universal Storage API.

Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite is a software-only data protection solution that supplies many advanced features and functions needed by enterprises today to protect application data that’s under constant threat. Veeam’s software can safeguard applications that run on bare metal in virtualized environments or in the Advanced Integration for Pure Storage cloud.

Veeam Availability Suite advanced features

  • Agentless VM and agent-based Microsoft backups – With agentless VM backup, no software needs to be installed in VMs to take backups. With its Microsoft agent, Veeam can take application-consistent backups for Microsoft Windows/Windows Server applications.
  • SAP support – Veeam provides disaster recovery support for SAP applications including SAP S/4 HANA, SAP BW Data Warehouse, and SAP Business ONE. Veeam’s easy to integrate and SAP certified BACKINT plug-in gives SAP Administrators 100 percent control of the backup and restore processes.
  • Performance and capacity secondary storage – Customers can use Veeam’s performance and capacity secondary storage to back up their data to performance storage, capacity storage or both, as well as enable to migrate from one to the other based on automated policy management.
  • Cloud Tier – Customers can use Veeam Cloud Tier to archive backup data to the cloud, including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage and many other S3-compatible storage system.
  • Wizard-based granular recovery – Veeam customers can use a wizard driven granular recovery to restore only the files, mailboxes, database tables and VMs they need without having to recover entire file systems, email databases, relational databases or VMware VM and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Veeam wizards support Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange server, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs, as well as file recovery from backups.
  • Instant VM Recovery – VMware and Hyper-V customers can use Veeam Instant VM Recovery to recover VMs almost immediately by running them directly off of Veeam backup storage without having to first restore VM data to primary storage.

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Veeam: Advanced Integration for Pure Storage


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