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In software development, the single constant is that everything changes fast. Good developers are always prepared for change: the framework you’re working on today could be outdated in a few months. One way to prepare for change is to create loosely coupled, independent components that can be easily replaced.

As software and tools change, so do application architectures. Recently we’ve witnessed an evolution from traditional monolithic architecture, where all components of the application are packed as a single atonomous unit, to service-oriented architecture, to today’s microservices architecture.

Microservices architectures have sprung up because of changes in tools, programming languages and development environments. To keep up with new technologies, you need a way to add new, independent components at any time. These components must be free to use whatever technology they like, so they can be built using different programming languages and frameworks, databases or even communication protocols.

In this e-book, we will show you how to build a stable, easily manageable, highly available microservices architecture. In the first part, we will introduce Kubernetes, its components and building blocks. Then, we will build a small sample application based on a microservices architecture. We’ll define the Kubernetes scripts to create the Deployments, Services, Ingress Controllers and Persistent Volumes and then deploy this ecosystem in Azure Cloud.

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