For enterprise organizations, the world of security is a dynamic, constantly evolving space. Looking to protect and secure their organizations, security decision makers are tasked with crafting and implementing strategies that will ensure their companies operate and grow safely.

In a world where security innovations are proliferating– and security threats are growing just as quickly–it is crucial to understand the state of security and the perspectives of those adopting security solutions.

This report sets out to create a detailed picture of the current security landscape: to understand the unique mindset and priorities that security decision makers (SDMs) bring to their organizations; to shed light on the benefits and challenges of adopting security solutions; to assess what impacts and shapes SDMs’ business decisions; and to see what the future of security may hold.

The goal of this paper is to provide up-to-date research on the state of security, across countries and industries, in order to better serve our customers and partners, and enable security decision makers to further their development of security strategies within their organizations.

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Microsoft commissioned Hypothesis Group, an insights, design, and strategy agency, to execute the Security Signals research.

Security Signals Edition One occurred in August 2020, when a 20-minute online survey was conducted with 1,000 decision makers involved in security and threat protection decisions at enterprise companies from a range of industries across the US, UK, Germany, China, and Japan.

In September 2020, a 60-minute online in-depth interview was conducted among six decision makers involved in security and threat protection decisions at enterprise companies from a range of industries within the US.

In addition, an expert panel was commissioned to connect before, during, and after the online survey to identify hypotheses and security trends, as well as validate the research findings

To read full download the whitepaper:

Security Signals

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