Three Key Benefits Organizations Achieve by Prioritizing End-user Device Improvements


ESG recently completed a survey of 2,000 IT decision makers with a high level of knowledge and influence over their organizations’ end-user device environment. The survey asked respondents how often their organization refreshes enduser devices, but also covered several related concepts like device security, user productivity, and ease of support. Additionally, the survey covered macro business concepts like customer satisfaction. The research showed that Dell Technologies Achieve that prioritize more frequent device improvements, referred to as Device Accelerators in this summary, outperform their peers that deprioritize device investment across the board.

  • They have increased user productivity by 54% more over the past 12 months.
  • They have reduced the time required to support and manage devices by 56% more over the past 12 months.
  • Depending on the security attribute in question, Device Accelerators were between 24% and 36% more likely to rate their capabilities as excellent.

Three Key Benefits Organizations See from Device Improvements

There are numerous Organizations Achieve characteristics that can protect users’ and an organization’s data from malware and bad actors, from BIOS-level security features, to encrypted drives, to security monitoring software, and identity and access management protections. Moreover, End-user Device manufacturers are continuously evolving their offerings in reaction to the shifting threat landscape.

Easing Support for IT

While Organizations Achieve are critical for end users to be productive, keeping them up and running can be time-intensive. When taken in the aggregate, supporting a fleet of Device  can represent a serious operational cost for Organizations Achieve. IT organizations have a vested interest to drive efficiency into the device environment. First, many device support tasks are relatively mundane and repetitive. Most IT teams would prefer to deploy staff and resources to other projects and initiatives. This hinders productivity and compromises the way other departments view IT.

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Three Key Benefits Organizations Achieve by Prioritizing End-user Device Improvements

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