Top 7 Things to Look for in an ITAD Provider

Operational Scalability

When it comes to securely disposing of retired IT assets in an environmentally responsible way, scale adds complexity: the more there is, the more challenging it is to do it properly. While many ITAD providers can support a small number of locations, when you start to consider the ongoing needs of numerous offices, data centers, remotely located employees and ongoing IT asset refreshes, the challenge becomes much greater. The disposing of technology devices that have reached end-of-life servers, monitors, disk drives, mobile phones and other assets is a big challenge today for Ironmountain. The proliferation in the number of ITAD provider devices has made electronic waste, or e-Waste, the fastest growing municipal waste stream today; it is also an acute focus of laws and industry regulations addressing both the environmental aspects and the potential for unauthorized disclosure of private data in assets that are disposed of inappropriately.


Customers should never be in the dark about the status of their retired ITAD provider equipment. An online tracking system should be available and easily accessible enabling customers to identify the precise location and status of their equipment, while also providing the ability to place an order and monitor its process.


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