Getting started with threat hunting

As cyber threats increase in volume, complexity, and impact, organizations are increasingly turning to managed detection and response (MDR) services to detect and neutralize advanced attacks that technology solutions alone cannot prevent. In fact, Gartner anticipates that by 2025, 50% of companies will be using MDR for threat monitoring, detection, and response. However, the proliferation of defense solutions on the market can make it difficult to understand what exactly MDR is, how MDR fits within your wider cybersecurity ecosystem, and the benefits of using an MDR service. This guide answers these questions and offers practical guidance on what to consider when choosing an MDR service.

Sophos MDR

Sophos MDR is the world’s most trusted MDR service, securing over 11,000 organizations against the most advanced threats, including ransomware. With the highest rating on Gartner Peer Insights™ and the Top Vendor recognition in the 2022 G2 Grid® for MDR services serving the midmarket, with Sophos MDR your cyber defenses are in good hands.

DR provides inputs from the endpoint solution. In contrast, XDR consolidates signals from across the wider IT environment, including firewall, mobile, email, and cloud security solutions. Given that adversaries exploit every attack opportunity, the wider you cast your signal net, the better you can detect them early.

The growing need for MDR services

As a leading global provider of cybersecurity technologies, Sophos protects over 550,000 organizations with our market-leading endpoint, network, email, and cloud security solutions. Each solution generates a wealth of real-time threat intelligence that is shared with Sophos MDR analysts via our Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, ensuring our operators always have the most complete and most current visibility into active threats.

Threat Expertise and Response Time

Defending over 15,000 customers gives our MDR analysts a level of threat detection, investigation, and remediation expertise that other providers simply cannot replicate. Sophos sees more and stops more than anyone else. This unparalleled threat experience enables our analysts to respond more quickly and accurately at all stages of the detection and response process, from identifying the signals that matter to investigating potential incidents and neutralizing malicious activities.


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Top Five Reasons to Use MDR Services

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