The Cloud Won. Now What?

It is nearly impossible to think about running a business without using some cloud-based technology. From email to internal communication tools to Salesforce and Adobe products, the cloud has won in terms of providing better business solutions. Companies currently use an average of 16 SaaS apps every day, and 73% of organizations say nearly all (80%+) of their apps will be SaaS this year (source BetterCloud). If cloud is the answer for so many business needs, how does it apply to one of our most important needs: security and employee/customer safety?

The physical security industry held steady for several years that on-premise client-server technology was the best solution to meet business needs. But, cloud-based access control and video surveillance solutions have changed that perspective. SaaS market penetration in security is around 20% and growing (source IHS Markit). With operational benefits like being hassle free for IT, delivering secure system hosting with built-in redundancy and automatic software and firmware updates, and the added convenience of simple browser and mobile applications, the cloud is the solution for today and tomorrow.

Based on a recent survey conducted by Security Management and Brivo1, cloud-based access control delivers important benefits like increased convenience for security leaders and end users and cost savings from reduced server maintenance/IT updates. Centralized cloud access management also paves the way for seamless scalability and deployment across multi-site locations. Many cloud-based access providers also offer flexible hardware options so you don’t have to completely replace your whole security infrastructure.

As you evaluate physical security cloud technology, it is important to think about creating a full security ecosystem that spans access control, mobile management, mobile credentialing, video surveillance, and identity and visitor management. Cloud offers the opportunity to bring all of your physical security and cross-functional security systems together to create an integrated, data-driven, technology-forward platform.

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