Welcome to the 3D design revolution.

A product “shoot” without cameras. A dozen variations on a product design with just a few clicks of the button. A full set of packaging designs with no physical mockups. These are just a few of the possibilities 3D design offers today’s creative professionals. The result: Unprecedented creative freedom, scalability, and design quality—whether you’re a 3D expert or just getting started.

In the past, creating production-quality 3D designs required extensive training and complex software few brands—and even fewer individuals—could afford, not to mention state-of-the-art hardware to operate it.

Not anymore. As Adobe Photoshop did for digital imaging, powerful new apps like those found in the Adobe Substance 3D Collection are throwing open the doors to new levels of creativity for designers of all backgrounds.

This technology’s potential to transform the creative industry—particularly product design, packaging design, and virtual photography—is massive. Across industries, designers are using the Substance 3D Collection to carry out a revolution in all three fields, simplifying workflows and enjoying previously unparalleled creative precision.

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Access new levels of creative freedom and control with 3D-powered design.

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