Where you are on the application modernization journey influences what you expect the outcomes to be and the challenges you face, according to a new IDG Research study conducted in partnership with VMware.

The survey of 106 IT decision-makers, which was fielded in September 2020, found that businesses of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries are making IT modernization a priority but that many are still in the early stages of the process. Two-thirds of the decision-makers have either started implementing technology to support IT modernization or are past the initial implementation stage.

Application modernization is the process of deriving new value from existing applications by updating them with modern features and capabilities, many of which are inspired by cloud computing. Strategies can range from basic replatforming or rehosting to full-scale replacement of legacy systems.

The research indicated that IT and business leaders are making significant investments in modernization but are struggling with setting priorities and determining how to begin the process. Their expectations, challenges, and budget decisions also shift as they proceed along the journey.

Modernization Priorities

The top objectives of modernization projects that respondents identified are:

  1. Improving performance and flexibility
  2. Hardening security
  3. Achieving compliance

To read full download the whitepaper:

Application Modernization Initiatives Garner a Growing Share of IT Budgets

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