How to Choose an ERP Platform that Facilitates Long-Term Growth

Building a Future-Proof Platform on a Cloud

Few organizations can afford to invest heavily in a technology platform without the assurance it can fuel long-term growth. Companies that cannot quickly extend their infrastructure to exploit emerging applications will lose business to those that can. On-premises ERP platforms become obsolete in a few years due to their limited scalability and inability to integrate technologies without extensive software development. Although cloud platforms are more scalable, not all cloud ERP Platform systems are equal. Long-term growth hinges on the platform’s ability to rapidly integrate new business entities and applications with enhanced security.

Acumatica delivers the strong foundation businesses need to support the advanced financial applications and web applications that can fuel growth now and into the future. The integrated development environment enables developers to easily extend the platform to encompass various systems from modern technologies to legacy systems. In addition, low-code/no-code tools allow users to configure workflows to match their business needs without programming. ERP Platform Open application programming interfaces (APIs) enable data to flow in and out of Acumatica’s centralized database from multiple sources and make a single version of truth accessible to all users.

Scalability problems disappear. Companies can add as many users as they want without incurring additional charges. Acumatica empowers a growing global footprint by supporting multiple tenants and instances while securing each tenant’s data. The cloud ERP vendor manages the hardware in an offsite data center and offers the solution via the internet. Once the software is available, every user can remotely access the software with any web-enabled device at any time and from anywhere, which ensures businesses have ongoing, all-time functionality. Additionally, upgrades, upkeep, and security needs are the vendor’s responsibility.

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Delivering Lasting Value: How to Choose an ERP Platform that Facilitates Long-Term Growth

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