Five Keys to Future-Proofing Your Customer Service Success

Customer service has changed, and organisations need to adapt

When the COVID-19 health crisis began, contact centres saw unprecedented spikes in call volume from customers with what, until then, had been unanticipated needs. At the same time, many companies were suddenly changing how and where employees worked, which included deploying new communication and collaboration technologies to microsoft.

Along the way we’ve learned that even when conditions are challenging, customers have high expectations. When 80% of customers in a nationwide survey say that customer service needs to be more empathetic and responsive, there’s clearly something missing. 

Customers want one place where they can get their problems solved. Customer service employees, too, want a single place with insights that equip them with the right information at the right time, automated capabilities that help them anticipate issues and integrated, end-to-end collaboration tools that improve agent and customer experiences to five Keys to Future-Proofing Your Customer Service Success.

As the challenges due to the COVID-19 health crisis increased, customers reached out to the distributed and isolated-at-home customer service agents who didn’t necessarily have the tools and support needed to resolve customer issues. At the same time, many of those customer service agents also realised that they lacked the tools to effectively manage emotionally charged customers. 

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Five Keys to Future-Proofing Your Customer Service Success

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