Optimizing Digital Employee Experience For Anywhere Work

Support for DEX has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected labor markets globally, impacting how and where we work long term. As many offices reopen, the reality of continued hybrid and anywhere work requires business leaders and technology executives to invest in digital platforms that enhance and streamline the technology experience of all employees. Improving the digital employee experience (DEX) of an anywhere workforce is imperative for companies to maintain a productive and engaged workforce. At the start of the pandemic, companies were forced to rely on existing technologies. Now, enhanced technology platforms have been embraced, reflected in increasing investment levels in DEX.

In February 2022, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the benefits of a well-designed employee experience in an anywherework environment. To understand the challenges related to DEX and the opportunities for a holistic, integrated solution, Forrester conducted an online survey with 537 global IT decision-makers and influencers.

Difference between employee experience and digital employee experience

You already organize team-building activities and strive to create an open, productive culture. the experience is related to the overall employee experience, there are some key differences. First, there’s substantially more room for analysis and measurement in digital experiences. That means you can easily identify pain points in your overall system with the right tools. But that also means you need a separate skillset and even software to optimize.

The complete guide to optimizing your digital employee experience

Considering the digital aspect of your employee experience is more important than ever. Due to rapid technological transformation, today’s workplace exists across in-person and virtual spaces. By updating your technology, aligning your employee experience goals across all channels, sourcing tools, and customizing your digital experience, you will reap the many benefits of an excellent. You will get productive and loyal employees and achieve higher profits Optimizing Digital Employee Experience For Anywhere Work.


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Optimizing Digital Employee Experience For Anywhere Work

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