2022 AWS C-Suite Report: Cloud-Enabled Growth

In This Report

  1. The results of a 2021 survey on Cloud-Enabled Cloud Growth and digital transformation distributed to over 1,500 C-level executives who were not in technical roles and who oversee business decisions at their organizations.
  2. How non-technical business executives i.e. CEO, CFO, board intend to make use of Cloud-Enabled Cloud Growth their growth.
  3. Insights on how executives across industries and geographies perceive digital transformation as an overall business objective.
  4. Key steps — such as building mental models and alignment strategies companies can take to make progress on digital transformation, based on our internal experience and client engagements.

Adopting the right mental model

Digital transformation requires a future-oriented mindset shift that harnesses technology to innovate and deliver greater value. By promoting an effective mental model, leaders can vanquish organizational inertia, venture into uncharted territory, and seek the change needed to catapult growth. A mental model serves as a guiding principle for planning, decision-making and staying focused on your transformation goals throughout the organization. It enables employees, who may otherwise be risk averse, to forge a bold, innovative path forward.

Data as connective tissue

With an empowered organization, Cloud Growth data made accessible by technology can be turned into insights, experimentation, action, and results. Data fosters organizational agility and resilience in the face of changing customer needs and competitive threats. It creates ways for businesses to pivot more seamlessly based on learnings, mitigating the need to perfectly predict the future. Cloud-Enabled Growth as connective tissue Data is more than an operational asset like factories, machinery, IP, and capital. Used correctly, it is an invaluable source of potential growth. At AWS, we think of it as the organization’s connective tissue, permeating and enabling collaboration across teams. The key is to recognize data’s inherent value, leverage it intelligently, and create a culture that embraces its power. On a working level, this mental model emphasizes collecting, storing, and analyzing data to generate insights that improve customer service, reduce costs, and reveal new revenue opportunities.

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2022 AWS C-Suite Report: Cloud-Enabled Growth

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