By using virtualization, organizations can pursue top priorities such as mobility, flexwork and consumerization while effectively managing risk, securing information, supporting global compliance and strengthening business continuity planning.

Regain control and reduce risk without sacrificing business productivity and growth

With the increased popularity of mobility, flexwork, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, the IT risk profile has changed. New ways of working and collaborating require new approaches to managing risk. Organizations face a balancing act: giving people the flexibility they need for optimal business productivity while ensuring the security and compliance required by the enterprise.

Organizations can’t afford to fall behind in the attempt to get their information security practices under control. App and desktop virtualization provides a secure-by-design solution to simplify access and promote business productivity, flexibility and growth while protecting intellectual property, ensuring data privacy, meeting compliance requirements and managing risk.

With app and desktop virtualization, Windows apps, data and desktops are centralized and secured in the data center, rather than distributed across hundreds or thousands of endpoints, and delivered on demand with granular control and visibility. The organization can enable the right level of access and collaboration, based on user profile, device, network or location, for every employee, contractor or partner.

Centralized data management and access control policies help prevent data loss, ensure privacy and safeguard business assets—even data stored on local devices or in the cloud—while comprehensive activity monitoring, logging and auditing support compliance efforts. Virtualization facilitates IT consumerization by allowing people to securely access resources on virtually any laptop, tablet or smartphone without adding management complexity or introducing vulnerabilities.

The compelling benefits of app and desktop virtualization have already made it a top agenda item for most IT organizations. By leveraging virtualization as an additional security layer, organizations can support key priorities such as mobility, flexwork and BYOD while managing risk more effectively. Apps and associated data are no longer scattered beyond IT’s control because they remain where they belong—in the data center—where they enable greater business value than ever before.

With the rise of mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, organizations face a balancing act: giving people the flexibility they need to be productive while ensuring the necessary security and compliance.

This white paper explains how app and desktop virtualization can help you: 

  • Support workplace flexibility and mobility 
  • Prevent data loss, ensure privacy and global compliance, and protect intellectual property 
  • Safeguard information and operations during a disaster or other business disruption 
  • Support rapid business growth 

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10 Reasons to Strengthen Security with App and Desktop Virtualization