Digital businesses need secure, reliable networks more than ever before. But, with today’s complex architectures, maintaining a high-performing, secure network requires a broad view across IT domains. Here’s why I&O leaders should invest in a network performance management (NPM) solution that integrates application and end-user experience monitoring.

Networks are MISSION-CRITICAL to business success

68% of organizations say the role of the network has become more strategic over the last 12 months. 41% of companies use IT operations data for business purposes.

There are many potential causes of performance problems 

  • 20-35% of network outages are caused by human error.
  • 45% of organizations report that service levels have degraded as the rate of application releases accelerate.
  • 65% of organizations fell victim to malwarerelated breaches.


End users often know first
40% of all network problems are experienced and reported by end users
before network operations is aware.

Too many tools complicate efforts
58% of companies own more than 5 different monitoring tools.

Yet, all these tools still don’t get the job done
90% of IT executives say end users struggle with business technology problems that a company has no way to detect.

In today’s digital economy, businesses need a powerful, end-to-end solution to ensure network performance. Riverbed SteelCentral provides integrated visibility into networks, applications, and end-user experience to minimize downtime, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

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11 Stats that Prove You Need Integrated Networks for Performance Management