The typical business relies on hundreds of apps. As you transition many of them from data centers to the cloud or SaaS, you need a network that ensures secure, optimal performance—every moment of every day—for branch users and remote workers alike. It’s your job to ensure they’re always on…and always protected. That’s where Citrix SD-WAN comes in.

Here are five reasons your IT team needs Citrix SD-WAN:

  • Everyone’s looking to you for a better experience.
    As your organization adopts more apps, you need a way to ensure each one will work fast and perform well. That’s why Citrix SD-WAN integrates with cutting-edge HDX technology for deep visibility. Real-time traffic is prioritized ahead of background functions so virtual sessions stay responsive, even in the midst of massive file transfers or graphic-intensive printing. It’s how images stay pixel-perfect, and voice and video remain crystal-clear.
  • You need to minimize network problems.
    For an always-on digital workspace experience, Citrix SD-WAN is the way to go. It takes mere milliseconds to react to small changes in network state, and just a couple of packets to trigger failover. In addition to policies for classifying and routing 4,500+ apps at the packet level, you’ll have options for replication and quality of service for both the sending and receiving ends.
  • Security is everyone’s responsibility.
    Every time an app moves to the cloud, your attack surface expands. Each day brings more users, more data…and more vulnerabilities. That’s why Citrix SD-WAN comes with comprehensive zero trust security. Whether you choose to add next gen firewall functionality as a VNF in the branch or automated connectivity to secure web gateways, multiple layers keep connections and data secure.
  • You’d like to ensure SaaS app performance.
    Legacy WAN architectures weren’t built for cloud apps—but, Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct can help. With points-of-presence (PoPs) strategically positioned close to major SaaS and cloud services, this private overlay network keeps traffic as close as possible with direct peering relationships to 150+ SaaS and cloud providers. The enterprise-grade access ensures the best user experience—on every app, at all times.
  • You want to squeeze more ROI from your Microsoft investment.
    For organizations that rely on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, the benefits of Citrix SD-WAN are even greater. An automated on-ramp to Azure seamlessly extends your network to the public cloud, while point-and-click provisioning makes it easy to steer traffic directly to the cloud. Citrix SD-WAN also automates Office 365 traffic based on Microsoft’s recommendations for reducing latency.

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5 Reasons Your IT Team Needs Citrix SD-WAN