Over half of Security Operation Centers are overrun with redundant security tools

The cyber security market has been flooded in recent years with security monitoring tools. They can cover every inch of the IT environment—from endpoints and servers to networks, email and cloud infrastructure. They are increasingly necessary given the advent of hybrid working, and the growing corporate attack surface which has emerged from digital investments during the pandemic. However, when organisations have too many tools, and are unable to integrate, trust or use them, it becomes a problem.

As new research* from Trend Micro reveals, the challenge of tool sprawl has now become critical—putting organisations’ security operations (SecOps) at risk.

The scale of the challenge

Our global research reveals that organisations have on average 29 security monitoring solutions in place, rising to 46 for companies with more than 10,000 employees. Why have security solution sets become so bloated? For some organisations it may be the result of mergers and acquisitions over the years. For others it may simply be that point solutions were bought over time to fix specific problems, without any overarching strategy to guide these purchases. The security industry is also culpable to an extent—promoting silver bullet solutions to each new breaking threat.

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