It has been a year since corporate governance teams around the globe scrambled to pivot their organizations’ board meetings from traditional boardrooms to virtual meeting platforms. Organizations everywhere were faced with the challenge of replicating the confidentiality and collegiality of in-person board meetings in a digital environment.

As Nasdaq’s corporate governance team navigated an entire board season filled with virtual events and meetings, we found that with the right ideas, tools, people, and support, it is possible to digitize the boardroom without compromising efficiency, confidentiality, or group dynamics.

We also learned that there are several benefits of hosting board meetings virtually. This guide, based on Nasdaq’s key learnings, is intended to help you plan and execute virtual board meetings that facilitate a stronger, more engaged board for your organization.

Build a Virtual Board Table

It is possible to replicate the experience of sitting at a board table in a virtual meeting room by leveraging certain features of video conferencing platforms. With that in mind, look for opportunities to work with your platform provider to customize functionality and meet your organization’s needs. Following are several ways to enhance and implement technology to replicate the in-person board meeting experience as closely as possible.

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Optimizing the Virtual Boardroom: A Guide to Planning and Executing Virtual Board Meetings

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