This paper will provide an overview of important considerations to ensure governance at scale as you deploy modern, self-service analytics with Tableau across your business. We aim to help IT understand the important roles, responsibilities, and repeatable processes needed to collaborate with the business, including delegating administrative tasks, in order to scale your analytics solution and make data-driven decision-making the norm throughout your organization.


For the staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital, speed is a matter of life and death. The faster a doctor or nurse can help a child, the better the outcome. Mere minutes can make a critical difference.

That’s where real-time decisions come in. With self-service analytics, the hospital staff can ask urgent questions on the spot, respond quickly, and streamline efforts by prioritizing resources. They can get to their patients faster and save as many lives as possible.

“We’re seeing analysts and managers as well as clinicians, doctors, and researchers using Tableau to solve problems in ways we couldn’t do before, largely because we didn’t have enough time or enough people,” says Ted Corbett, Director of Knowledge Management at Seattle Children’s.

That is the power of self-service analytics, where the right data is put in the hands of the right people in a secure, governed manner. It empowers organizations to fully leverage their data, be it for saving lives, driving supply-chain efficiency, or spotting new opportunities. The IT team at Seattle Children’s recognized the need to convert data into information and enabled its users to self-serve.

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Governed Self-Service Analytics at Scale

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