AS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) EMERGES from research projects to full production, it is fundamentally changing the way companies innovate and deliver services to their customers. Machine learning (ML)—a subset of AI—is particularly important for turning massive amounts of data into useful insights and making organizations more efficient, innovative, and competitive. Organizations that are adopting AI are finding that they can enrich customer experiences, increase revenues, and optimize operational efficiencies.

ESG research discovered that organizations farther along in their AI journey are succeeding with the use of modern servers with extensive automation capabilities, accelerator technology, and converged/ hyperconverged infrastructure. ESG credits the use of modern technologies for the reason AI leaders drive more than 10% of revenue from AI.

Today, the sound approach is to start with flexible, AI-optimized compute and storage plus data protection, expanding into accelerators and converged/hyperconverged infrastructure as you mature—in other words, leverage a modern data analytics platform. Dell Technologies’ solutions and Consulting Services help organizations develop their modern data analytics platforms, facilitate streamlined workflows between lines of business, and unlock their data’s value–all while solving complex business problems and driving outcomes.

Grow Capabilities With AI-optimized Compute

AI WORKLOADS CAN BE COMPUTE-INTENSIVE. PowerEdge servers deliver the capabilities needed and can scale easily to accommodate larger and more diverse data sets over time. For those just starting to deploy AI workloads, often the most practical and efficient way to begin is to leverage modern server resources.

The 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with Intel Deep Learning Boost enable nearly 3X faster inferencing for deep neural networks. Access to these AI-optimized servers is key to realizing the benefits of AI initiatives.

ESG research found a strong correlation between leveraging AI-optimized compute resources and a significant improvement in model development, as well as model use in production. While any organization can begin its AI projects with existing modern servers, some AI use cases can benefit from accelerators, such as graphics processing units (GPUs) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). While an organization may not need accelerators initially, 51% of AI leaders leverage hardware accelerators extensively for their AI workloads.

The need for acceleration depends on the use case or workload, the volume of data that needs to be processed, and the required time-to-result. PowerEdge servers come with built-in AI acceleration with 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, as well as a variety of other accelerator options that can speed your AI workloads from analytics to training and inferencing.

Meanwhile, Dell EMC OpenManage automates the deployment, maintenance, and management of servers. This frees IT staff from routine management tasks and helps reduce time-to-result during incidents. With this kind of intelligent automation, servers can update themselves and maximize uptime.

PowerEdge servers deliver the high-speed processing performance needed for analytics and AI, as well as fast direct-attached storage and intelligent automation. In order to protect your data, PowerEdge has a cyber-resilient architecture, with hardware-enabled security capabilities directly on Intel® Xeon® processors and built into the firmware and hardware. PowerEdge servers also have modular scalability, which means they are designed to grow with your data and workloads over time.

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