SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is not a new phenomenon that has crept up on the business world, and the organizations that have embraced it are currently experiencing a positive impact. To succeed in this modern digital economy, organizations need to strategize and deploy a framework that will help them compete and win. The hyper-speed of today’s economy means organizations need to be highly agile, scalable, costeffective, and efficient while driving innovation in everything they do, always keeping the customer top-of-mind by delivering compelling experiences. Deploying the strategy requires the right infrastructure in place for the challenges of the present and the future: digital is the only path forward. It’s time to think next, think transformation, and think SaaS.

It’s Not About Trends; It’s Business in the New Digital Age

Organizations must be ready to think bigger. IDC1 states that success in the modern digital economy will depend on organizations to “accelerate investments to become hyper-speed, hyper-scaled, and hyper-connected.” Digital-first enterprises will develop and deploy as many apps/services in the next four years as were deployed in the last 40—delivering compelling experiences with the goal of zero outages.

All this hyper-innovation needs to be high-quality and must adhere to security, governances, and other requirements so the enterprise can run at the speed of business and remain compliant. SaaS technologies have made it easier for enterprises to effectively and efficiently deliver the necessary features and functionality at the velocity required of this modern digital economy.

Leverage Innovative, Intelligent Automation Technologies

The proliferation of multi-cloud, multi-device (IoT), multichannel, DevOps, and big data are creating enormous complexities in the IT landscape. Automation is the key organizations need to unlock cost efficiencies, scale, and valuegenerating IT and business decisions. Innovations like virtual chatbots provide superior self-service enablement, while service desk automation can lower mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and increase accuracy while tackling ever-increasing ticket volume. The use of robotic process automation (RPA) bots for menial tasks like password resets and account lockouts improves IT cost-effectiveness. Intelligent real-time and historical analytics of operations and services assist organizations in better decision making, helping optimize the entire ecosystem. Comprehensive automation technologies are a crucial driver of long-term organizational success.

Learn how to effectively and efficiently deliver the features and functionality required of this modern digital economy.

SaaS technologies provide organizations with new innovations and capabilities that are required to compete at hyper-speed with hyper-innovation. It’s time to think next, think transformation, and think SaaS.

Learn how to unlock the potential of SaaS by:

  • Leveraging innovative, intelligent automation technologies
  • Exploring the benefits of transitioning ITSM and ITOM platforms
  • Learning how SaaS delivers business outcomes
  • Addressing the “lift and shift” approach

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