Mobile and endpoint security is a complex equation with all too many variables and unknowns, from the devices and networks people may be using at any given time to the myriad combinations of OS, apps, configurations and patches on each endpoint.

To maintain security wherever people work, IT needs a way to simplify the steps to produce desired security outcomes. The key is to focus on protecting the apps and data that power mobile productivity, using contextaware policies to allow the appropriate levels of access and usage for each particular device and situation.

Protect apps and data across every endpoint to complete your enterprise security posture.

Citrix helps companies address the endpoint security challenges of an increasingly complex mobile world. Contextual access to resources based on user, device, location or network helps IT protect sensitive data from being lost or stolen wherever and however people work. Unified management applies security policies with fine-tuned precision wherever, whenever and by whomever access to critical apps and data is needed.

By making it possible to leverage contextual protection of centralized apps and data, Citrix makes it simpler to safeguard information, manage risk and achieve compliance in any location, over any network, on any device.

Citrix secure workspace solutions let IT weave this situational approach to security through every element of their mobile infrastructure, including access, apps, devices, data and networks.

Contextual Access
As a foundational layer of protection,Citrix enables a holistic approach to security by using contextual awareness to allow just the right balance of security and flexibility for any situation. IT can control access to resources based on user, device, location or network to protect sensitive data from being lost or stolen while at rest, in use, and in motion on devices, servers or the cloud.

Application Security
Citrix enables IT to control access to apps, including where, on what device and over what type of network people can use a given app and its data. Users must first authenticate their identity; for additional security, admins can also activate multifactor authentication or require a PIN for specific apps. For a more seamless user experience, IT can deploy single sign-on across apps of all types.

Data Security
The core of the Citrix approach to endpoint security is to use app virtualization and remote access via XenApp and XenDesktop to keep data centralized and off devices as much as possible. To prevent exfiltration of remotely accessed data, IT can also configure policies for virtual channels to deny printing, file transfers, microphone usage and the clipboard when not required.

Device Security
While Citrix approach to endpoint security focuses largely on apps and data, device-level measures play a valuable role as well. SmartAccess acts as a firewall to manage contextual authorization based on parameters such as client device OS and patch levels, whether a device has been jailbroken, and whether anti-virus is installed, running and up to date. IT can also enforce password standards, encryption, and allowed WiFi and VPN connections. Once a device has been checked for compliance, SmartControl applies the contextual security policies defined by IT to control access to apps and data based on user, device, location and network.

Network Security
Citrix NetScaler helps IT maintain comprehensive control over apps and data while simplifying access for users. Admins can enable single sign-on to desktop, web and SaaS applications for a streamlined access to apps across any datacenter or cloud. A single point of administration ensures consistent policy enforcement across every device people use.

This white paper discusses the elements of a complete strategy for mobile and endpoint security, including: 

  • Multilayered protection for apps, data, devices, and networks 
  • Context-aware policies that grant access to resources based on the user, device, location, or network 
  • Visibility, analytics, and insights across the entire network and device landscape

To read full download the whitepaper:
Addressing Today’s Endpoint Security Challenges