Data is the key to everything. Make sure it’s backed up, protected and available from legacy apps to cloud workloads and everything in between.

Think about how your company is facing this change. Are you able to make your data — your key to success — always available?

The key to accelerating your data protection in 2020 is to go beyond backup and recovery to achieve unparalleled data availability, visibility, automation and governance across your cloud, virtual and physical environments. As modern IT organizations look to innovate at a quicker pace, legacy backup and recovery infrastructures just can’t support these forward-looking initiatives.

The importance of a consistent data protection strategy across workloads

The modern IT industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. More and more, companies are moving over to cloud digital resources to store their data and run their applications, which means that its essential that IT has a consistent data protection strategy across workload types and locations.(Read More:Veeam and Cisco HyperFlex: A Data Protection Solution You Can Have Confidence In)

In the IT landscape of 2020 and beyond, it matters little where something resides, but it matters greatly how it impacts the business and the people you care about.

However, there’s still a great need for versatility. While cloud-based workloads and storage are seeing tremendous growth, there’s a strong business case for keeping certain things on-premises or even building new systems within the walls of your data center.(Read More:Four Critical Benefits of Automating Disaster Recovery with Veeam Availability Orchestrator)

Customers today want more from their data, which means they require more from their applications, IT infrastructures and management tools. As you set your focus on the decade ahead, here are 5 principles to help drive a strong data protection strategy.

#1 Backup and recovery

Backup sounds basic, but today’s business environment runs at an exhaustive pace and consumer expectations for data access are at unreachable levels. When employees and customers can’t access the data and applications they need, it damages your brand, employee morale and your bottom line.

But it’s easy to fix —just bolt on any backup solution!

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Fragmented legacy backup solutions cost you lots of headaches, need specific expertise to manage and in many cases provide a sub-standard recovery experience. This is NOT what you want for today’s 24.7.365 business. What customers need is an intuitive backup solution that just works. It needs to be fully software-defined, have application awareness and ensure granular and verified recovery of all critical assets.

#2 Cloud mobility

Whether you’re just beginning or far along on your journey to the cloud, you know it can be a powerful extension for your data center.

Taking action to increase scale, reduce costs and improve management across all your workloads will be critical in 2020 and beyond. The cloud provides many of these benefits; however, the cost and risk of migration, protection and storage can become overwhelming if you don’t have help.

To mitigate these risks, customers need to be able to protect and restore workloads across any cloud or platform. They also need to have flexibility on where they run and store their data. This includes intuitive guidance and automation for how to best store and archive protected data using scale cloud storage options. For example, being able to keep recent copies close to-home while tiering older, less likely-to-be-needed content on cheaper alternatives.

#3 Monitoring and analytics

Today, with data’s exploding growth, it’s easy to get lost in it, especially when you add physical, virtual, hybrid and public clouds and workloads to the mix. Despite this, it’s incredibly important to maintain visibility into this data.

Data is a powerful resource for your organization, driving informed decisions faster. In today’s AI-driven world, data is the new currency. Monitoring and diagnostics, including automated remediation of unexpected issues for your critical backup and disaster recovery processes, is more important than ever.

The tools at your fingertips need to be vigilant and proactive, offering intelligent guidance for problem resolution before issues occur, not after.

#4 Orchestration and automation

We all have these. Annoying, super repetitive tasks that take way too much of our time. They are highly repetitive, error-prone and takes expert attention away from driving innovation to merely keeping things running. In our industry, we hear this all the time as “babysitting backups”.

As demands for speed-to-market increase, you need systems that can take this load for you. Not to mention increase your job satisfaction! This means enabling IT to become less policy-based and more behavior based, where you can support the innovation you need. Intelligent testing and orchestration for BCDR and migration operations coupled with integrated DevOps capabilities can also assist deployment and availability of applications across any platform.

#5 Governance and compliance

The number of regulations you face is constantly changing, and the cost of compliance increases each year. You deal with sensitive information daily and need to deliver services without compromising that data.

To manage these challenges, you need solutions can not only make your jobs easier but that take compliance as seriously as you do. Too often, the cost of implementing an automated process has been high. Because of this, many companies rely on manual processes, using legacy or ad-hoc cloud systems, which means they’re duplicating data and replicating precious resources without an adequate audit trail. Data protection systems need to be an integral part of the security and governance posture of any organization.

As you aim to take your data protection strategy to the next level in 2020 and beyond, keep these five principles in mind.

For a solution that can give you a consistent data protection strategy across all of your workloads, look no further than Veeam Availability Suite™.

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