Utilizing Infor Birst Business Analytics gave real-time supply and demand insights, which increased on-time delivery.

A leader in virtualization, networking, and cloud computing

Citrix Systems is a leading provider of virtualization, networking, and cloud computing solutions for more than 130,000 organizations worldwide.

Founded in 1989, Citrix designs and develops software and hardware solutions that lower data center costs for a global customer base, including 99% of Fortune Global 500 enterprises.

At Citrix, Fred Tiso, VP of Worldwide Supply Chain, is responsible for sales and operations planning, order management, manufacturing, quality, materials, logistics, services supply chain, and engineering organizations.

The cornerstone of the digital supply chain initiative was to provide real-time visibility into operational data for material planning, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales and post-sales support.

The data comes from over 400 sources, including multiple CRM and ERP systems. Key metrics were captured in over 150 spreadsheets, and by the time the team had wrangled all the spreadsheets for analysis, the data was out of date.

Aggregating data from multiple sources

With data from multiple systems of record across the value chain, Citrix needed an aggregator to view metrics holistically. Business decisions require that users have real-time (every seven minutes) supply and demand-matching information for analysis across changing hierarchies (customers, regions, suppliers).

Infor Birst demonstrated a model that aggregates data from multiple applications, contract manufacturers, payment processing, and other sources to enable analysis across 120 suppliers and 130,000 customers.

On the back-end, Infor Birst’s Automated Data Refinement (ADR) tool automates the extraction, transformation, and refinement of data from multiple disparate sources to prepare it for analysis. On the front-end, Birst’s Adaptive User Experience provides executive dashboards for KPIs and diagnostics, as well as detailed drill-down and ad hoc discovery for analysts.

Digitizing the entire supply chain

Using Infor Birst, Tiso’s team quickly digitized the entire supply chain, gaining real-time visibility into sales forecasts, bookings, backlog, shipments, inventory, material forecast, product reliability, and more.

Birst enables Tiso’s team with self-service access to order fulfilment information to make decisions on what to ship, where, and when.

Infor Birst Networked BI: Beyond centralized and de-centralized analytics

Given the complexity of its data model—over 200 spaces with 400 sources—integrating a new data source and changing a hierarchy could potentially be time consuming and difficult, particularly for updates across many spaces.

With Birst’s Networked BI architecture, Citrix can make changes to a single space (parent), then propagate these changes down to child spaces, eliminating the need to import data and model changes in multiple places.

While every business could use a BI tool already developed and perfected by the time they deploy it, the sad fact is that few BI tools are ready to slot into a business’s data infrastructure as is.

Read on to learn how Infor Birst was able to integrate with Citrix’s existing business plan and data architecture easily to provide them with crucial data insight and aggregation across disparate systems.

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