Data is a differentiator in the digital economy. That’s why data has simultaneously become the most valuable and the most targeted business asset.

As per Gartner, “Ransomware families have grown by more than 700% in the last few years”, and recovering data from ransomware attacks is expected to cost organizations $11 billion this year.

Awareness of this digital extortion scheme is rising, yet more sophisticated and focused attacks that now increasingly target backup data and infrastructure continue to threaten enterprises worldwide.

For businesses that do become compromised, steep financial loss is often compounded by customer distrust, and in the case of healthcare, risk to human life.

Cohesity effectively counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization avoid paying ransom. Cohesity’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution features a multi-layered approach to prevent, detect, and respond to a ransomware attack.

Cohesity capabilities stop your backup from becoming an attack target. Using machine learning, it provides visibility and continuously monitors for any anomalies in your data. And if the worst happens, Cohesity helps to locate and then deletes infected data across your global footprint, including public clouds, to instantly bring back your data and apps, ensuring business continuity.

Counter Ransomware Attacks with Cohesity

Prevent Attacks

Sophisticated ransomware such as Locky and Crypto recently has been used to destroy shadow data copies and restore point data, making enterprise backup infrastructure a prime cyber-criminal target when it should be part of your organization’s defense. Cohesity stops intruders by preventing your backup from becoming an attack target.

Cohesity with its completely new, purpose-built file system—the Cohesity SpanFS—uniquely offers multi-layered protection against a ransomware attack. Among other things, Cohesity delivers the highest level of protection against ransomware attacks because at the foundation it is an immutable file system with read-only state snapshots. The following Cohesity DataPlatform® and Cohesity DataProtect® capabilities enhance protection:

  • The immutable file system can take very frequent, unlimited read-only state snapshots and store them with extremely low overhead. The original backup job is kept in an immutable state and is never made accessible, to be mounted by an external system. The only way to mount the backup in read-write mode is to clone that original backup, which is done automatically by the system. Although ransomware may be able to delete files in the mounted (read-write) backup, it cannot affect the immutable snapshot.
  • Cohesity SpanFS, the file system, allows you to have a very large number of Views and clone these Views instantly with almost zero-cost in terms of storage utilization.

Preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data is at the heart of Cohesity’s protection vision. That’s why Cohesity innovation around ransomware prevention extends beyond immutable file system to include:

  • DataLock policies
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) 

Cohesity is the only platform delivering a unique combination of an immutable file system with DataLock capabilities, plus MFA to prevent backup data from becoming part of a ransomware attack.

Detect Intruders

As cyber criminals continue to strengthen and modify their approaches, Cohesity makes it easier for your organization to detect intrusions with a global, enterprise SaaS-based management solution. Enterprises using Cohesity Helios® have a single dashboard to see, manage, and take action fast on their data and applications globally. In the fight against ransomware, Helios machine learning (ML) provides insights humans may miss because it automatically and continuously monitors and notifies you when an anomaly is detected.

To speed ransomware recovery, Cohesity simply performs a rapid restore of the latest healthy snapshot. Uniquely Cohesity can instantly restore hundreds VMs to any point in time.

Cohesity instant mass restore powers on within minutes because patented Cohesity SnapTree® technology stores each backup as a fully hydrated snap, supporting instant large-scale restoration to any point in time.

Datafile reconstruction using Conventional Snapshot images

Counter Ransomware Attacks with Cohesity

Cohesity’s comprehensive approach—to prevent, detect, and respond—to ransomware attacks results in zero data loss and the confidence to refuse to have to make a ransomware payment.

Should a breach, disaster, or ransomware attack occur, Cohesity is the only solution to support the instant recovery of hundreds of VMs to bring your business back online. Always-protected backups are available—on-premises or in the cloud—so your enterprise can return to business faster.

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Counter Ransomware Attacks with Cohesity