Effective COVID-19 response requires an emergency network solution designed to utilize LTE and FirstNet cellular networks and optimized for speed, simplicity, scale, and security. Cradlepoint has proven experience in enabling these life-saving networks in more than 3,000 emergency and state, local, and federal first responder agencies around the world.

Unprecedented Crisis Requires Unprecedented Demand for Network Connectivity

Many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response are unprecedented. The on-site networks that support enterprises and federal, state, and local emergency responders combating the pandemic are as life-saving as the medical testing, diagnostic, and treatment systems they support. For organizations contending with a massive shift to work-at-home employees, first responders setting up mobile command centers, and healthcare specialists working in a wide range of locations, secure data connectivity and networking is essential to effective emergency response.

During a crisis, traditional networking takes too long to deploy, requires too much expertise to build and manage, and is too complex to effectively address the breadth and urgency of emergency response use cases.

Scenarios for Secure, Reliable Connectivity in Emergency Response

  • Instant pop-up networks for medical testing stations
  • FIPS-compliant remote access to military and government applications from anywhere
  • HIPAA-compliant telemedicine that reliably connects at-home doctors to patients at hospitals, clinics, and quarantine centers
  • Remote surveillance for monitoring compliance of containment, shelter-in-place, and other community policy enforcement
  • School buses serving as Wi-Fi hotspots for online learning in underprivileged neighborhoods
  • At-home cellular broadband access for rural teachers and government employees who have limited broadband options

Speed. Simplicity. Scalability. Security.

Rapid escalation in the number and diversity of emergency response initiatives requires a different approach to supporting networks:

  • Speed: With the potential to infect thousands of new people in a day, emergency networks need to be deployed anywhere within an hour or two. Reducing deployment cycles from months or days to mere hours requires WAN connectivity that is fast, flexible, and persuasive, and 4G LTE cellular is the only logical answer. Anywhere you can get a signal on your mobile phone, you can deploy a cellular-enabled network. Cradlepoint is the global leader in wireless network solutions supporting the fastest LTE technology across the most carriers. Cradlepoint solutions are also FirstNet Ready, supporting priority and preemption as well as Band 14 on the FirstNet nationwide public safety broadband network to ensure critical emergency and first responder traffic is unimpeded. Cradlepoint has optimized its supply and delivery chains to serve the needs of emergency and first responder customers. As a result, the company can ship almost any solution within 24 hours.
  • Simplicity: Network complexity requires time and expertise that are in short supply in crisis. Emergency response networks can be significantly simplified by consolidating multiple technologies into a single platform, a single wireless router, and managed by a single cloud interface. Cradlepoint cloud-controlled routers combine up to two LTE WAN links, Wi-Fi, comprehensive network security with FIPS-certified VPN, and centralized management that is easy to learn and simple to use. This approach allows operational teams to quickly stand up on-site networks in minutes without technical personnel or support.
  • Scalability: Not only do emergency networks require quick deployment; they often need broad deployment to hundreds or even thousands of locations at a time. While the simplicity of an all-in-one wireless router is essential, the configuration and deployment workflows need to be scalable so untrained personnel on location need to only provide power to make the network operational. Cradlepoint is unique in its zerotechnical-touch architecture and the ability to ship product preregistered with an LTE SIM inserted. Once deployed, these remote networks are centrally managed to ensure maximum uptime. Cradlepoint provides IT teams with everything they need to deploy hundreds or thousands of routers with ease.
  • Security: Emergency response environments often are in uncontrolled areas and targeted by nefarious actors — making HIPAA and FIPS compliant security an imperative. Speed of deployment cannot come at the cost of security. Cradlepoint has developed enterprise-class network security for its wireless routers, which can be centrally monitored and managed from anywhere. Security functions include access control, FIPS-compliant VPN, private LTE network (APN) support, microsegmentation of users and subnetworks, application-based firewall, secure Internet access with content filtering, threat intrusion prevention and detection systems (IPS/IDS), and interoperability with Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) systems.

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COVID-19 Emergency Response Requires Secure, Rapid-Deploy Networks