As technology has become integrated into almost every facet of how we work and live, user experience has never been more important. Employees expect intuitive tools that are not only easy to use but also enable them to work when, where, and how they need without constraint.
Citrix Workspace is fueling this digital transformation with people-centric workspaces that deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time — every time.

By reimagining security for the way people work today, Citrix Workspace balances the flexibility and experience people need to be productive with the security that IT requires. Here are five ways Citrix Workspace delivers the user experience people need to fuel breakthrough ideas, increase productivity, and better serve their customers.

1. One place to access everything
If you’re like most organizations, you have apps hosted on premises, in the cloud, and delivered as SaaS. Users are struggling to be productive as they juggle multiple sets of user names and passwords, and toggle between a variety of environments and experiences.

The Citrix Workspace app simplifies access by providing the user with one place to access not only all their apps, but their desktops and files, too, so they can sign in once and get right to work.

All apps, files, and desktops at your fingertips
Users get secure single sign-on (SSO) to all Windows, Linux, mobile, SaaS, and web apps, desktops, and files instantly across all device platforms, while IT retains control over user accounts and password policies.
Instant and seamless access to all files
Centralized access and editing of all files in one location. Enterprise search makes finding files simple, regardless of storage location, which can be home drives, server shares, OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, and more.

2. Reliable, high-definition virtual apps and desktops
Your virtual apps and desktops allow people to work from anywhere, on any device. But for people to be truly productive, you need to ensure a high-quality experience for every app and desktop, every time. Unreliable connectivity and slow performance frustrate users and compromise adoption.

Using HDX technology, Citrix Workspace delivers the best possible experience on different screens, over congested or distant networks, and on all kinds of devices and peripherals.

Using adaptive compression and display techniques, HDX delivers better image quality for highly animated workloads, server-rendered video, or 3D graphics. Adaptive compression intelligently distinguishes the intent of the user, prioritizing interactive workflows for a delightful experience. This improves productivity even in the presence of packet loss, congestion, highlatency, and jitter commonly seen in broadband wireless and mobile networks.

3. Always-on access from any branch or remote location
As your organization evolves to become more nimble and distributed, you face radically changing networking requirements at the branch — which nowadays can be anything from a regional headquarters or remote clinic to a kiosk in a mall or even a ship at sea. With software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology, Citrix Workspace delivers continuous network availability and optimal application experience wherever people need to work, collaborate, and serve customers.

4. Easy-to-use mobile productivity apps
People need to be able to work from any mobile device while on the go. However, many native mobile apps lack the business features people need most and can’t provide secure access to internal corporate resources.

Citrix Workspace provides unified endpoint management that not only makes it possible for people to work on their mobile devices but also makes them more productive when they do.

Plus, Citrix Workspace keeps business and personal apps and data separate on the device to provide better security and privacy.

5. Store, sync, and send files without restriction
For most people, accessing and sharing files is an essential part of doing business. Consumer-grade file-sharing services traditionally have been known for providing the simplest experience, but their use in the workplace has been known to compromise the security of sensitive corporate information. Not only that, but those solutions aren’t designed with the needs of most businesses in mind. It’s typical to have files stored in multiple places, including legacy data systems and third-party service providers. Citrix Content Collaboration (formerly Citrix ShareFile) serves as a single pane of glass for people to access all their files, from wherever they’re stored, through one easy-to-use interface across all their devices. Which is why Citrix Workspace has an integrated content collaboration platform that’s as easy to use as those services — but with the security and control IT needs.

Citrix Content Collaboration accelerates productivity by allowing people to:

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