Four Foundations of a Data-driven Company

Digital Transformation is Underway

Between March and October of 2020, virtual communications between sales reps and HCPs jumped significantly Data-driven company. In North America, the number of emails increased by 600% and video calls increased by more than 1000%, highlighting the growing digital maturity of life sciences companies for veeva.

This trend shows that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, life sciences companies are equipped with technology solutions to execute their missioncritical work of enabling HCPs with the equipment and medications they need. Digital transformation is accelerating as in-person access declines to Data-driven Company.

To support this digital transformation and the changing method of engagement with HCPs, having current customer reference four foundations of a Data Company is more important than ever, especially as virtual engagement becomes the norm.

Trying to fix one piece at a time is expensive, slow, and ultimately ineffective. Putting the right data into the hands of decision makers at the right time becomes incredibly difficult. It is true that all of these issues introduce risk and inefficiency, but they also present the opportunity to take a step back and think about how new solutions can drive innovation, rationalization, and transformation at scale.

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Four Foundations of a Data-driven Company

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