Modernizing IT Means - Modernizing Data Availability

Modernizing IT Means – Modernizing Data Availability

It’s a new world for IT. In today’s environment, IT must transition from a cost center to an enabler of digital transformation and innovation. This means leveraging cloud agility and economics, reducing complexity and empowering accelerated development cycles. It also means ensuring that business operations and services are always Available, with no tolerance for downtime or data loss.

In order to achieve these goals, Techtarget IT teams must adopt a range of new technologies and eliminate the silos that have been endemic to legacy data center architectures. Data centers must support multiple cloud environments, which means they must be highly virtualized, leveraging modern servers, storage and networking to bolster performance and agility.

As Modernizing Data Availability centers become more cloud-enabled and highly virtualized, legacy approaches to backup and recovery become inefficient, exposing the organization to increased risk of downtime and data loss. This results in an Availability Gap, which is the inability to meet recovery capabilities when compared with the service-level agreement (SLA) expectations of business units.

Enterprise IT leaders recognize the dangers of an Availability Gap and the need do to something about it as they modernize their data Availability. More than 80% of respondents in the 2020 Veeam Availability Report said they have Availability and data protection gaps, costing on average more than $20 million a year.1 In addition, 82% of respondents said their virtualization deployments and strategies have been affected by their data protection solution, and 66% said their digital transformation initiatives are being hindered by unplanned downtime or insufficient application Availability.

What to Look for in a Solution

As enterprises increasingly embrace modern initiatives such as digital transformation, the Internet of Things and big data analytics, they are finding that any gap in Availability and data protection is untenable. To address this challenge, you need a solution that has been designed for highly virtualized environments and can deliver major improvements in backup and recovery capabilities.

Choosing the right solution starts with asking the right questions:

How quickly can you recover what you need?
• Can you achieve a recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point
objective (RPO) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data?
• How do you reduce the risk of data loss, particularly in today’s
environment when exponential data growth is a fact of life for all
• How do you ensure that you can verify data recoverability?
• How do you leverage backup data to test new software and patches,
thus reducing development costs, mitigating security risks and
accelerating time to market for new services?
• How do you gain visibility across your entire environment, including
cloud deployments?

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Modernizing IT Means – Modernizing Data Availability

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