Hitachi Vantara and Brocade Deliver Data Resilience for the Digital Age

Executive Summary

We are in the age of all things digital. Data underpins everything, from cloud, big data and internet of things (IoT) to the digital marketplace, digital transformation and the unending cavalcade of innovations. Consequently, continuous availability and pervasive data protection are the new norms for successfully managing all aspects of a data-driven business.

Today’s CIO and IT leaders are charged with meeting nonstop, ever-changing business demands, security threats and high availability requirements. Data grows exponentially, without regard for your organization’s ability to harness, store, protect, retain or govern it all. Expectations and challenges around data value, storage, governance and protection have never been greater.

Business continuity is definitely in vogue. You are continually tasked with answering to the “R” words: recovery point objectives (RPOs), recovery time objectives (RTOs) and return on investments (ROI). Service level agreements (SLAs) for performance, availability and recovery are among the most pressing storage challenges. Delivering bigger, faster connections across longer distances and improving performance and cost factors are always on your to-do list.

If you can make it all happen and come in under budget, you are undoubtedly the hero. When things go smoothly, no one notices. When mission-critical issues arise, such as data loss, downtime, sluggish performance and disrupted data access, IT takes the hit. Business operations, customer satisfaction and the bottom line can be affected, and someone takes the blame.

So, is it possible to curb the reactionary response to these endless day-to-day crises and get in front of rampant data growth and protection concerns? The buzz of digital transformation is not loud enough to drown out the volume of profound data challenges you face on a daily basis.

This paper considers impediments of today’s data-driven business climate and the promise of digital resilience. Hitachi Vantara and Brocade spell out a holistic and cost-efficient approach to brokering this resilience across town or multiple data centers or the world. Together, we deliver advanced global-active device technology, next- generation network extension, and a comprehensive data replication, recovery and retention ecosystem.


As digital technology weaves into the fabric of doing business, people in your position are called upon to advise the C-suite of feasibility for delivering new services and efficiencies. Meanwhile, you must address epic data growth, storage challenges, scalability and hyperscale demands while keeping existing systems up and running.

Business continuity, disaster recovery and data protection continue to demand your attention. In this always-on business climate, high availability is an ever-present requisite. As you work to solve these ambitious challenges, you face new unknowns with old budgets, and everything is mission-critical. Wouldn’t it be great if all your business- critical data was protected continuously against every type of threat and could be instantly recovered in all scenarios, within your budget without impacting operations? With all the digital transformation fanfare, you need to know the back end is protected and nimble for whatever comes your way.

Contemporary IT Leadership Checklist

Let’s examine the challenges you face every day and how best to overcome them so you can achieve what the business wants, and thus what you want.

Meet Expanded Business Requirements

The C-suite wants to charter data-driven business transformation, and exploit data assets to make smarter decisions, gain competitive advantages and realize cost efficiencies. Lines of business (LOBs) are eager to capitalize on consumer data with high-touch, tailored engagement models and targeted selling opportunities. Employees and executives alike want speed and agility to address change amid evolving market dynamics, nonstop operations and unrelenting data growth. You need to guarantee that mission-critical data and apps are always available and agile.

Capitalize on Data for New Opportunities

Data is tightly and irrevocably connected to every aspect of the business culture and affects productivity, compliance, trends, processes and costs. IT must become an indispensable resource in the rush to leverage data for new insights, market opportunities and customer loyalty. The challenge is finding the sweet spot between command-and-control responsibilities and business innovation. In all the ways you launch digital transformation, continuous data availability is an absolute.

Balance Bimodal Realities With Hyperscale Digital Demands

Bimodal IT is the art and science of managing two separate, coherent modes of delivery: one focused on stability, the other on agility. You work to balance legacy infrastructure and insurmountable data growth with innovation accelerators that enable digital transformation. Now, the business wants you to address expanding service requests on the same playing field as popular Web 2.0 hyperscale data designs. You will need increased performance and high availability on a massive scale across everything, from clusters, workloads and performance to storage and SLAs.

Avoid Mission-Critical Business Risks

The days of free good publicity have given way to the cringe of business gaffes caused by unexpected data outages, cyberattacks and other security threats. Even brief outages can have a huge impact on revenue, liability, customer opinion and brand image. Downtime is especially damaging for mission-critical business applications and their interdependent chains of connectivity. Data recovery expectations continue to rise: Everyone wants to know RPOs, RTOs and SLAs. Your disaster recovery infrastructure needs to ensure fast, uninterrupted replication of mission-critical data and apps to anywhere in the world.

Ensure Modern Data Stewardship

In the wake of the mobile digital era, data stewardship and governance have become a complex quagmire of responsibility. The challenge is to guide changes brought on by transformation and IoT. Compliance and auditability are critical. Your security policies and data governance must span the proliferation of clouds, devices and locations to uphold compliance with internal and regulatory mandates. Lengthy backups, clunky silos and separate resiliency requirements for different data sets will make it increasingly problematic to manage data life-cycle requirements. Unified, flexible architecture can extricate your bogged down data enterprise.

Protect All of the Data All of the Time

Data reigns supreme across your business, and it must be protected no matter what or where. In a new study of IT trends, the second most worrisome issue of IT leaders is disaster recovery and IT continuity: Cybersecurity is the first. Modern data protection implies that coverage will be global and comprehensive across every aspect of your enterprise to evoke digital resilience. Your approach must include adaptable, far-reaching, in-depth and non disruptive strategies around disaster recovery, backup, archiving, replication and access. RPOs and RTOs really matter here.

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