The cloud-native containerized applications that have emerged over the last decade were originally used for stateless web services. But today, cloud native applications have matured, and along with advanced container orchestrator capabilities, we are seeing customers deploy both stateless and stateful workloads in containers.

VMware has a few container solutions that integrate with the VMware vSphere® ecosystem. These solutions often leverage open source projects and, where successful, mature into baseline functionality. Dell EMC™ has participated in many of these projects in an effort to make their own infrastructure systems and software better suited for running cloud native applications.

The mission for PowerProtect Data Manager has always been to protect data and deliver governance control for business-critical workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments. As such, with the rapid adoption of Kubernetes in the enterprise, Dell EMC has incorporated best in class, data protection functionality into project Velero and leveraged that in their, PowerProtect Data Manager with data protection for Kubernetes on VMware solution.

In addition to Kubernetes workload data protection, Dell EMC’s newest release of PowerProtect Data Manager enhances VMware support (discussed later), adds a new public cloud environment to Cloud DR, facilitates management for multi-Data Manager environments, and provides other improvements to make it easier for customers to protect data.

However, as more enterprises are migrating mission-critical applications to containers, storage of state information or persistent data becomes a necessity. As a result, Kubernetes has evolved support for container persistent volumes that enable system vendors to provide durable storage for container applications.

Containers enable development teams to adopt more modern, cloud-native application development practices like standardized CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment), with frequent deployments that automate everything, that can be built-once and deployed-anywhere. Enabling developers to operate in a self-service way is another very key benefit of Kubernetes container applications. IT is adopting container applications and orchestrators like Kubernetes, for many additional reasons, including the following:

  • Faster development and deployment – container applications can be built from existing or new microservices, deployed across large infrastructure farms and updated automatically without operator intervention. 
  • Cyber resiliency – container applications can be quickly patched and rapidly redeployed across infrastructure to address any vulnerability. 
  • Portability – container applications can be developed once and run just about anywhere (e.g., on bare metal servers, on virtualized infrastructure and in private or public cloud environments).
  • Higher resilience – container applications can be run as multiple container instances, making it easier to deploy high availability without having to add other infrastructure.
  • Scalability – container applications can automatically be scaled-out in response to service demand.
  • API-driven capabilities – Kubernetes as an orchestrator is designed to allow container applications to be deployed, run and updated under fully automatic API control to minimize operator intervention.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager is a software-defined data protection solution for the enterprise, that has been redesigned and re-implemented to provide an architecture that makes it easier to deploy, scale and update than prior-generation solutions. What this means for data center customers is that innovative cloud native services such as Velero will continue to be developed and enhanced to meet the growing business needs of enterprises.

In addition to the above, Dell EMC continues to add and update the PowerProtect REST API services, enhancing the level of automation and integration with other systems and tools.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager with Data Protection for Kubernetes on VMware

PowerProtect with Data Protection for Kubernetes on VMware includes a secure, enterprise-hardened and operations-enhanced version of Velero data protection functionality. Velero is an open source tool that can be used to back up and restore data as well as the configuration of workloads running in Kubernetes. By embedding and enhancing this functionality into Data Manager, Dell EMC has made Kubernetes data protection inherently more usable and a firstclass citizen of PowerProtect offerings.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager with data protection for Kubernetes on VMware supplies automated protection for containerized application environments, offering hands-off backups of persistent volumes and easier, operator-specified restoration of persistent volume data.

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Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager with Data Protection for Kubernetes on VMware