The industry’s broadest portfolio of consumption-based and as-a-service solutions ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and services are consumed in today’s on-demand economy.

Organizations around the world strive to become more digitized – using technology to evolve IT infrastructure, operations and processes – so they can differentiate their business or institution in a unique way to gain an advantage. They seek creative technology solutions that will deliver all the performance and security needed to satisfy a diverse range of demanding business applications and critical workloads.

What’s more, they need to find better ways to drive out inefficiencies and free up time, money and resources to focus on the critical initiatives they must pursue to meet their overall strategic objectives.

Budget and resource constraints inhibit innovation.
Yet, all this is often easier said than done. Many business and IT leaders tell us they’re budget and resource constrained, and they’re unable to easily direct resources away from day-to-day maintenance toward new areas of IT innovation. Quite simply, they don’t have the capital resources and expertise on hand to achieve key milestones.

Stay clear of options that create unnecessary complexity.
An organization’s choice of consumption-based technologies has real-world consequences. Selecting an option that addresses only one limited part of the IT ecosystem may introduce more complexity than it resolves. And some “one-size-fits-all” as-a-service options are based on fixed configurations which may restrict the ability to enhance certain workloads. Worse, some options can produce a more fragmented operating environment and an inconsistent economic experience that can introduce unwanted costs and make budget planning more challenging. What’s more, some technology vendors provide insufficient transparency about long-term TCO implications. So, it’s critical to find an ideal technology solution that simply works – without any of these obstacles.


Freedom of choice
Dell Technologies On Demand includes a wide selection of flexible, consumption-based payment solutions complemented with our value-added support, deployment and managed services that can all be uniquely paired to satisfy a broad range of requirements. This combination enables our customers to more effectively budget for IT spending and pay for technology and services only as needed – all in a way that makes the most sense for their organization.

Ultimate flexibility
Working together with our Global Alliances and Solution Provider partners, Dell Technologies On Demand offers an extensive range of integrated IT solutions that cover the full infrastructure stack and can be configured to meet the demands of critical workloads. These include compute-intensive and data-intensive use cases, business applications and workforce solutions – all engineered to meet specific financial and technology objectives and power strategic initiatives.

Predictable outcomes
Dell Technologies On Demand builds on our strategy of driving consistency across multiple operating environments by providing a more cohesive economic experience spanning our industry-leading end-to-end portfolio. Our customers can apply consistent payment solutions with transparent cost structures across our wide range of performance-optimized and secure technology solutions, which make provisioning times and costs more efficient – and outcomes more predictable.

Integrated full-stack solutions
Dell Technologies On Demand delivers optimized infrastructure and workforce solutions with all the innovative, advanced capabilities needed to excel under the demands of virtually any application or workload. Our extensive range of technology solutions cover the full infrastructure stack from bottom to top, including compute, storage, networking and virtualization, in addition to data protection, software-defined, hybrid/multi-cloud and workforce offerings.

Leading end-to-end portfolio
Dell Technologies is recognized as a leading provider of innovative infrastructure and workforce solutions, which is why so many business and IT leaders rely on us as a single source supplier of end-to-end IT technology solutions and expertise. Dell Technologies On Demand addresses the entire IT ecosystem – from the edge and endpoints to the core data center to the cloud – and serves the diverse needs of organizations of all sizes.

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