Today, corporate endpoints represent one of the top areas of security risk for organizations, accelerated by an increasingly mobile and cloud-first workforce. As malicious actors target endpoints with new types of attacks designed to evade traditional endpoint prevention and antivirus tools, security teams are looking to endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions for an additional layer of security.

However, enterprise EDR solutions often carry high cost and complexity, making it difficult for many organizations to implement EDR successfully.

USM Anywhere™ takes a different approach by delivering advanced EDR capabilities as part of a unified solution for threat detection, incident response, and compliance. USM Anywhere centralizes endpoint and network security monitoring across cloud and on-premises environments, enabling security teams to detect and respond to threats faster while eliminating the cost and complexity of maintaining yet another point security solution.

The AT&T Cybersecurity approach to endpoint detection and response (EDR)

USM Anywhere centralizes and automates threat hunting virtually everywhere modern threats appear so you can detect threats earlier and respond faster. Unlike point security solutions, USM Anywhere combines multiple security capabilities into a unified cloud platform, including EDR, security information and event management (SIEM), intrusion detection (IDS), vulnerability assessment, and more, giving you the essential security capabilities you need in a single pane of glass, significantly reducing cost and complexity.

The built in EDR capabilites in USM Anywhere help:

Incorporate EDR into your security stack without adding cost or complexity
While many security teams recognize the need for endpoint detection and response, most do not have the resources to manage a standalone endpoint security solution. USM Anywhere eliminates the cost and complexity of adding yet another cumbersome point solution to your security stack. Instead, you can deploy a single platform that delivers advanced EDR combined with many other essential security capabilities in a single pane of glass, driving up the efficiency of your security operations.

Centralize security visibility and monitoring of all your critical assets
Siloed approaches to security monitoring are less effective and create overhead as your teams must work across multiple systems to investigate and respond to security incidents and to demonstrate compliance. With USM Anywhere, you get complete, centralized security visibility and monitoring of all your critical assets, so you can investigate your security incidents faster with a full context of what’s happening on your networks, your endpoints, and your cloud environments.

Automate threat hunting and detect evasive threats that your antivirus can’t
With the built-in EDR capabilities in USM Anywhere, you can add a layer of security to detect advanced endpoint threats that bypass your antivirus tools. The platform automatically and continuously monitors your endpoints to detect anomalous or suspicious activities that may indicate a compromise.

Monitor your workforce on and off the network
In today’s increasingly mobile workplace, your users don’t stop working when they leave the office, and neither should your threat detection tools. It’s essential to have continuous security visibility of your user’s activities as they move on and off your corporate network, especially as they remotely connect to your network and cloud environments from insecure Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels, coffee shops, and airports.
With USM Anywhere, you can continuously monitor your user’s endpoints and cloud activities virtually anywhere they may roam. The USM Anywere agent offers remote and bulk deployment, making it simple to deploy and manage on your users’ laptops. The agent communicates directly with USM Anywhere, so you can continuously monitor your users’ off-network activities.

Accelerate your compliance efforts with built-in File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
With the built-in EDR capabilities of USM Anywhere, you can accelerate your compliance efforts without having to introduce additional file integrity monitoring (FIM) software. USM Anywhere automatically detects suspicious or anomalous changes to your critical files and registries on Windows and Linux®, as well as your cloud locations like Office 365 Sharepoint and G Suite™. And, because the platform provides a consolidated view of up-to-date asset information, including running software and services, vulnerabilities, changes made to critical files, security events, and even pre-built compliance reporting templates, you can quickly and easily point to that information during a compliance audit.

How it works

USM Anywhere agent deployment and management
The USM Anywhere agent underpins the EDR capabilities in USM Anywhere, performing continuous endpoint monitoring as part of the unified platform. A lightweight, adaptable endpoint agent based on osquery, the agent is easy to deploy on your Windows and Linux hosts and manage directly from USM Anywhere, so you can avoid having to integrate and manage a third-party agent to achieve endpoint monitoring.

USM Anywhere includes deployment options for Windows and Linux, with scripts for single and mass agent deployments. AT&T Cybersecurity provides two configuration profiles for the agent. The optimized configuration profile – defined by the Alien Labs security research team – collects only the securityrelevant data from your endpoints, so you can get started quickly and maintain a small data footprint. With the full configuration profile, you can collect additional endpoint data, including syslog events.

Endpoint log collection
USM Anywhere simplifies security and compliance log management, giving you a centralized, highly secure cloud location to manage your endpoint logs as well as your network and cloud logs. The USM Anywhere agent collects information from your endpoints wherever they are, on or off the network. The agent transmits log data directly to the USM Anywhere platform, so you don’t have to worry about the limitations of local storage, such as running out of space or attackers wiping local data to cover their tracks. AT&T Cybersecurity stores your log data for 12 months, including time-stamped raw logs, in a certified compliant environment.

Threat detection
USM Anywhere automatically detects advanced endpoint threats, including those designed to evade traditional antivirus tools, using continuous threat intelligence from Alien Labs. The Alien Labs security research team works on your behalf to research emerging and evolving threats in the wild and continuously updates USM Anywhere with the latest actionable threat intelligence, in the form of correlation rules, endpoint queries, and even step-bystep response guidance. This allows you to automate threat hunting activities so that you can focus your resources on incident investigation and rapid response.

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