175 zettabytes of data are expected to be generated by 2025, with machines already creating more than 40% of the world’s data each year. This exponential growth in data is driven by innovation, with many organizations expanding their IoT networks and improving their cloud computing capabilities. The imminent arrival of 5G will be a major catalyst in this prediction, aided by an increasingly connected global population.

Address the Critical Missing Link in Your Cloud Modernization Journey

Businesses around the world have embraced digital modernization over the past decade. By moving their infrastructure to the cloud and modernizing applications, analytics, databases, data warehouses and data lakes in the cloud, they have leveraged the flexibility, agility, scalability and cloud costs.

However, today’s digital world requires something very different – digital transformation – to deliver a great customer experience. How to speed it up?

Significant challenges can prevent you from achieving digital transformation. The proliferation, fragmentation and decentralization of data across multiple clouds and hybrid environments is the new normal.

According to the World Economic Forum, more than 80% of organizations across all industries plan to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, but 70% of digital transformations have failed to meet their targets.

Now you can achieve and accelerate your digital transformation by tackling a critical missing link in your cloud modernization journey: data. You have seen different clouds: infrastructures, databases, applications, business intelligence and data warehouses and lakes.

Isn’t it time for a cloud focused on your business’s most critical resource: your data? With a data management cloud, you can truly manage and innovate with your data on any platform, any cloud, and for any user in multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments.

The Advantages of an Independent and Neutral Data Management Cloud

How you manage and innovate with your data determines whether you become an industry revolutionary or fall behind.Those who can connect the right data to the right consumers with ease and confidence will move from digital modernization to true digital transformation. 

Organizations need an independent, neutral and complete solution for a multi-cloud and multi-hybrid world. Informatica® Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is designed to help enterprises effectively manage the complex challenges of dispersed and fragmented data to truly innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multi cloud and multi hybrid .

It is the first and most comprehensive AI-powered, cloud-native end-to-end data management platform, delivering over 200 intelligent data services and processing over 17 trillion transactions per months to help an organization re-imagine and redefine the way it manages and innovates their data.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud provides cloud native and AI powered solutions that help you establish a governed, safe single source of truth within your organization.

Access this short white paper to learn more about the Informatica approach, with benefits including:

  • Reduced regulatory risk with safe and accurate data protection Better customer experiences thanks to a comprehensive, unified digital experience
  • Increased productivity thanks to easily accessible, governed, and accurate data

To read full download the whitepaper:
Digital Transformation Success With An Intelligent Data Management Cloud