The ability to store and manage data easily between your onpremises environment and the cloud can help reduce the business impact of a failure—from a single volume or array to an entire site. Pure Cloud Block Store™ allows you to leverage cloud as a disaster recovery (DR) target with the ability to ensure high availability of applications and data across geographically dispersed data centers.

DR in the Cloud for Security and Compliance

Risk Management Challenges

Your enterprise data protection strategy must encompass all your business’s data, and your employees often create and store data in the cloud. Beyond protection-related issues, you need to account for regulatory compliance and risk management. Regulatory responsibilities can result in fines if you fail to protect sensitive and compliance-related data such as personally identifiable or personal health information.

Gartner reports that 76% of companies it surveyed experienced an incident in the past two years requiring a DR plan, while more than 50% experienced at least two incidents.1 Unplanned downtime results in excessively long recovery times, a higher potential of unrecoverable data, and lost revenue. However, not all organizations have the resources to stand up a secondary site to address their DR responsibilities.

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Disaster Recovery with Pure Cloud Block Store