The rapid pace at which organizations are digitally transforming shines a spotlight on the importance of empowering IT to embrace the next generation of technology. Encompassing modernizing infrastructure; leveraging cloud; and becoming more data-driven through real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, digital transformation helps organizations remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace. ESG research shows that while there is steady year-over-year progress toward digital transformation, less than one quarter (17%) of organizations consider themselves mature, having implemented and optimized several digital transformation initiatives, while 39% say they are just getting started or in the planning phases of digitally transforming.

While most organizations would do well to focus on finding value in their treasure troves of data and embracing a datadriven culture, IT is often not equipped to properly support next-generation applications and the analytics and insights that arm the business with the information they truly need to make effective business decisions. IT must first modernize their infrastructure to support these new and future data-driven initiatives. And that infrastructure should offer a cloudoperating model to achieve the agility required to respond to the changing needs of the business. The organization must be committed to invest in technologies that will enable them to view, integrate, and analyze all data across the organization regardless of data structure (or lack thereof) or where the data is located.

Analytics for Real-time Intelligence
As organizations look for ways to evolve and become the disrupter (as opposed to the disrupted), they must look to invest in technologies that allow them to swiftly process, manage, and gain insights from their data. From a spend standpoint, it should come as no surprise that organizations are more frequently prioritizing these types of technology investments. ESG research shows that nearly one-third (32%) of organizations believe that improving data analytics for real-time business intelligence and customer insight will be one of the key business initiatives that will drive the most technology spending in their organizations over the next 12 months. In fact, in 2019, more than half (54%) of organizations will increase spending in business intelligence, analytics, and/or big data.

SAP Intelligent Enterprise
For nearly five decades, SAP has been helping organizations take advantage of new business opportunities, offering tools and technologies to enable more intelligence. SAP recognizes the potential of real-time data and the value of real-time business intelligence, developing technology that lets organizations gain visibility into their data, focus on what matters, and become more agile by responding to the real-time needs of the business.

Intelligent Suite
As one of the world’s largest and most well-known enterprise resource planning (ERP) software companies, SAP has a deep understanding of essential business applications and business processes on which many organizations rely (think CRM, supply chain, HR, etc.). Historically, SAP has recognized the crucial need to unite applications, data sets, and business units to be able to successfully manage an organization’s business. Today, businesses increasingly need to run in real time. The Intelligent Suite based on SAP S/4HANA focuses on providing organizations with an intelligent ERP system that enhances an organization’s digital core. SAP provides prebuilt applications built on S/4HANA, assisting in tracking customer experience, manufacturing and supply chain, people engagement, and network and spend management.

Modernize the IT Infrastructure
For more than 20 years, organizations have turned to Dell EMC solutions to ensure they will be able to meet their datadriven goals using SAP. Between SAP’s long partnership history with Dell EMC, as well as best practices learned by Dell EMC IT when leveraging SAP themselves, Dell EMC provides an extensive portfolio of solutions for SAP to help modernize an organization’s infrastructure by efficiently consolidating IT and simplifying operations.

Focus on the Data
Dell EMC’s modern infrastructure solutions let customers focus on the data in their SAP environments—by providing scalable and resilient technology that meets the performance and reliability requirements for an organization’s always-on data-driven initiatives. With SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI), SAP HANA customers can leverage existing hardware and tools for their SAP HANA environment, and use existing infrastructure components already in their landscapes, while leveraging current skillsets, tools, and processes.

Embrace a Cloud-operating Model
The path to digital transformation can be challenging, making it essential for organizations to embrace a cloud-operating model that provides flexibility in the delivery of software based on a company’s unique requirements. The blueprint for a cloud infrastructure capable of delivering a cloud-like experience (while continuing to meet the needs of a dynamic business) consists of five logical layers and three cross-layer functions. The logical layers include: physical, virtual, control, service orchestration, and the services themselves. The three cross-layer functions (vital for secure and reliable cloud services) include: service management, business continuity, and security.

Leverage Data Intelligence from Edge to Core
Emerging use cases for data-driven applications and process means combining SAP HANA business data with external big data, machine learning, and AI to fuel intelligent application and business processes. This results in a proliferation of data being aggregated, pipelined, managed, and stored from the edge to the core. Organizations recognize the importance of uniting data from SAP HANA with other external data sources—specifically marrying IT and OT data, which is essential in bridging the gap between previously unconnected data—to gain new and meaningful business insights.

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