No organization can afford downtime today. Of course, data protection is about more than avoiding downtime and keeping up with shrinking SLAs. Fortunately, Veeam and HPE have been combining their considerable forces to provide organizations with superior, feature-rich ways to simplify the management of data protection—both on-premises and offpremises.

Market Landscape

It is hard to overstate the negative impact of downtime in today’s digital economy. In fact, new ESG research shows that among surveyed organizations, 15% can tolerate no downtime at all for their mission-critical applications. And 42% of organizations say their mission-critical applications must be back online in one hour or less.

Data Protection

Is a Priority The three data protection mandates most often cited by surveyed IT decision makers were improving SLAs (RPO/RTO), improving security/regulatory compliance, and reducing costs. ESG research also found that using data protection technologies that are integrated with a hyperconverged infrastructure is an emerging approach for on-premises environments. Cloud adoption for data protection remains a popular approach as well.

In that context, it is not surprising that data protection spending for both cloud-based and on-premises workloads will go up. 51% of respondents to an ESG survey said they expect their organization to increase overall 2020 data protection spending relative to 2019. Notably, improving backup and recovery is the most commonly reported data center modernization investment priority for this year, cited by 30% of respondents. Separate ESG research that delved into IT operations and trends during the current health crisis found that 26% of organizations will actually spend more on data protection because of the pandemic.

IT organizations also have to contend with problems tied to relentlessly growing data, availability and protection gaps, resource constraints in the form of limited budgets and overworked staff, complexity due to the use of legacy or siloed protection solutions, the need to adhere to compliance regulations, cyber-resiliency to combat hacking and phishing efforts, and more.

How Veeam Extends the Value of HPE SimpliVity’s Native Ability to Provide Data Protection

Veeam and HPE, whose partnership extends for more than ten years, have been working together to offer just that kind of comprehensive data protection solution. Veeam and HPE are helping businesses safeguard their data to ensure it’s always on and protected and that enterprises can rapidly and easily recover should a situation arise—from human error to a malicious attack.

HPE SimpliVity provides organizations with an enterprise‑grade hyperconverged platform that speeds application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up/restores VMs in seconds.

By deploying Veeam with HPE SimpliVity, those organizations will benefit from a robust data protection solution that spans virtual, physical, and cloud environments. The joint HPE SimpliVity and Veeam solution delivers granular restores, app‑ consistent backups, and backup to long‑term retention platforms such as tape and cloud. The result is an easy‑to‑manage solution delivering maximum application uptime and increased resource efficiencies through enhanced data protection.

This is also a solution offered as a service that works on- and off-premises, which means organizations pay only for the resources they need. These fast, simple, and automated solutions streamline operations so that infrastructure practically manages itself.

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