Disaster recovery and long-term retention of data, for security as well as regulatory compliance, can be very challenging for organizations of any size. Keeping a secondary site up for disaster recovery can get very expensive, and dealing with tape for long-term retention can be slow and costly as well.
As a result, many organizations are looking to the efficiencies of the cloud, such as scale, elasticity, agility, and lower initial storage costs, to expand their data protection environments. These organizations are facing multiple challenges as they expand to the cloud, including a growing and distributed data ecosystem, expensive and complicated management of their cloud environment by cloud providers, and the need for data and applications to be protected immediately.
With the use of the cloud as a backup destination expected to double within three years, modern IT solutions for small and midsize organizations need to offer powerful, converged, easy to deploy and manage, and cloud-ready data protection.

The Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400 is a comprehensive, converged data protection appliance tailormade for small and mid-size organizations and Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) use in larger organizations. It provides enterprise-level data protection, along with the ability to natively extend data protection environments to the cloud. Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) and Cloud Long-term Retention (LTR) are natively built into the IDPA DP4400 as add-on capabilities and are simple to deploy, scale, and manage for organizations looking to utilize the cloud to expand their data protection environment.

Dell EMC IDPA DP4400

Cloud Disaster Recovery

The IDPA DP4400 has optional Cloud DR capabilities built-in and enables virtual machine (VM) images to be copied to object storage within the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and VMware Cloud™ on AWS public clouds for minimal cost and cloud footprint. This allows for orchestrated DR testing, failover in 3 clicks, and failback in 2 clicks from the public cloud for rapid recovery in a disaster scenario. No data protection infrastructure is needed for the failover/recovery within the cloud. The IDPA DP4400 Cloud DR licensing can be purchased in 1TB increments to provide flexibility and enable you to cost effectively grow-in-place to meet future needs.

Cloud Long-term Retention

The IDPA DP4400 opens up LTR in the cloud to small and mid-size organizations. It can natively tier deduplicated data to a private, public or hybrid cloud for LTR without the need for a separate cloud gateway. With Dell EMC’s industry-leading deduplication, organizations can manage up to 14.4PB of logical capacity (calculated based on 50:1 deduplication rate) with a single IDPA DP4400. You can finally stop managing physical or virtual tape libraries and enjoy the benefits of efficient LTR with our Cloud Tier add-on.

The IDPA DP4400 provides modern and powerful data protection allowing companies to leverage the benefits of the cloud within their existing environments. The IDPA DP4400 can help transform your environment for the future, laying the technical foundation for the data center while modernizing your data protection for the cloud.

  • Data protection management/monitoring from a single dashboard 
  • Grow-in-place, 8-24TB and 24-96TB with no additional hardware (simple non-disruptive field upgrade, expected to be available in the second half of 2019, required to bridge from 24TB to larger capacities) 
  • Customer deployable/upgradable 2U form factor
  • Costs up to 80% less to protect2 
  • Average cost is less than half a penny/GB/month

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Extend Your Data Protection To The Cloud With Integrated Data Protection Appliance