Freedom Networks, a WISP and technology integrator serving the northern central municipality of Vega Baja, was presented with an opportunity to supply voice, video and data connectivity service to two large FEMA disaster recovery camps. In an environmentally hazardous area laid waste under flood water, debris both natural and man-made, and facing continuing unpredictable weather conditions, connecting high capacity deployments was a significant undertaking.


WHY FREEDOMFrom various manufacturers in its search for equipment equal to the challenge. After a few attempts with other vendors, Freedom Networks met with Cambium Networks representatives to discuss the scope of the project and test an action plan.

Using the free LINKPlanner™ software, Freedom Networks was able to model the reallife parameters of their goal deployment to optimize for the challenging conditions, design the network, and complete the deployment within four days – installing rugged PTP 650 and 450i backhaul links, and cnPilot™ 802.11ac wave 2 enterprise outdoor Wi-Fi access points.


  • Prioritize quality – investing in the right equipment can seem prohibitive, but the cost benefits of selecting high-performing solutions yield a lower total cost of ownership and support a better return on investment.
  • Test potential solutions before purchase to ensure that you use the right tools for the job

Cambium Networks offers


WITH THE COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE REBUILT, Freedom Networks’ customers were able to move forward rapidly as the disaster situation demanded and complete their reports in a timely fashion. Video conferencing was available and stable for reporting to FEMA overwatch. Additionally, 2 Freedom Networks’ deployment offered an example to other service providers that the time and cost of installing cable for connectivity wasn’t necessary.

The service Freedom Networks restored to Vega Baja supported over 100 FEMA inspectors, accelerating response and recovery for thousands of affected families. As Puerto Rico and her residents heal from this harrowing ordeal, Freedom Networks looks forward to continuing its connectivity partnership with Cambium Networks technology, helping the communities it serves not only recover, but also grow.

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Freedom to Rebuild with Cambium Networks