As you look to modernize your IT systems, datacenter infrastructure and how it delivers resources to the business are central to the strategy. Legacy three-tier infrastructures are difficult to scale, hamper agility and flexibility, and mandate time and resource-intensive expansion. It is no longer acceptable for IT teams to take weeks or months to make technology changes or enable infrastructures for advanced business needs.

To solve these IT challenges, enterprises have increasingly adopted public cloud solutions. Despite advantages of the public cloud, however, concerns still linger around cost, data locality, regulatory limitations, security, and data recovery. The fundamental dilemma you are facing is to decide whether to continue investing in enterprise data centers or direct all future investment toward public clouds.


The path forward is clearer than you think. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) technology has emerged as the top modernization infrastructure choice with its web-scale architecture. Web-scale pertains to the level of speed and scalability of deployment and management of your infrastructure, making it easy for IT teams to provision necessary resources for internal stakeholders. Designed for private, and hybrid, cloud HCI allows IT organizations to standardize upon software defined storage infrastructure that is simpler to deploy, manage, and scale out as business needs grow without sacrificing reliability and security. It empowers IT to industrialize the delivery of applications, data, and services to the business at the right time with improved performance and lower costs.


While public clouds may be quick to spin up services, however, data compliance, performance demands, data locality requirements dictate that data and application and IT services are served up by the company internally. Taking the cloud inside means organizations are serving up cloud-based services from dedicated IT infrastructure, from your private infrastructure. The Nutanix Private Cloud solution is powered by the industry’s leading HCI software used by market-leading public clouds. It supports all your business critical workloads to enable end-user computing, ROBO environments, database management, dev/ test, big data analytics, and more. Delivering application and data at any scale with one-click simplicity for provisioning, update and disaster recovery.

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Nutanix uniquely provides you the freedom to choose the right virtualization and virtualization software for your private cloud without fear of vendor lock-in. Nutanix includes a built-in hypervisor option, AHV, in addition to fully supporting other common virtualization solutions, including VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. Along with the support of over 180 server platforms, you can choose hardware from your preferred vendor and utilize Nutanix’s infrastructure software. This reduces complexity and enables IT to deliver highly scalable, available, and efficient cloud services, all while helping IT to have better control of costs.


Nutanix offers infrastructure software that is engineered to deliver highly scalable, available, and efficient cloud services. We are purposefully built to power the modern datacenter. We combine the availability and agility of the public cloud with the flexibility and security of private cloud — all in one.

The Nutanix infrastructure software platform is designed to be:

  • Easy: One-click deployment, update, and DR makes lifecycle management truly easy 
  • Intelligent: Built-in AI and adaptive machine learning automatically adjust resources to optimize performance and utilization. A future-ready infrastructure brings greater efficiency to further simplify IT 
  • Resilient: Eliminate data loss or downtime. Keep your business running and data safe, with built-in security, data protection, backup and disaster recovery


Thoughtful modernization strategy is needed to address your hybrid cloud strategy. Nutanix’s highly flexible architecture enables IT teams to easily build and operate private clouds. Workloads can be easily migrated simply in a few clicks. With Nutanix, there is no rip and replace. You can keep your existing investment and at the same time future-proof your infrastructure.

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