How to enhance your data center with the latest flash storage and modern data infrastructure

With the right approach, new and growing data sources can help you drive innovation, transform customer experience and create new revenue streams. But all that data can also slow you down. More data, more problems.

To keep up in a race to innovate, you need to do more with your data:

  • Bring on more applications, faster.
  • Provide more capacity for existing applications.
  • Deliver more performance.
  • Do more analysis of data to unlock insights.
  • Store more data types—block, file and object—that are being generated from more and more sources.
  •  Make that data accessible to more users who are running more applications on more devices.
  • And don’t forget to think about the need for more security, more risk avoidance and more regulations to comply with.

The only way to meet these challenges is to modernize your data center.

Unless your business is static, there’s no way that older architectures will help you manage the ongoing, exponential growth of data. A modern data center infrastructure will give you the capacity, speed and intelligence needed to interpret data and innovate with it.

Have You Optimized Your Digital Foundation?

To create a strong foundation for your modern data center, you will need to put three pillars of data center modernization in place. The three pillars represent the breadth of systems, software and services needed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all IT data center operations, both on and off premises. Each pillar is crucial to success, and optimization in one area helps drive another.

Three Pillars of Data Center Modernization

Agile Data Infrastructure The combination of systems needed to consistently deliver data at high speed for the best possible experience. These systems should be resilient, support a broad diverse range of use cases and enable the business to quickly make use of data without being constrained.
Modern Data Protection Software and processes that ensure continuous availability of your data – independent of external influences – in support of the customer experience. Modern protection also supports adherence to compliance requirements, new regulations and data security.
Intelligent (AI) Operations Integrated software that leverages AI and machine learning to analyze, predict, prescribe and execute changes to achieve data center SLAs. This software ensures systems are continually optimized for peak performance, stability and cost efficiency. This frees data center staff to focus on strategic initiatives to implement new technologies and accelerate innovation.

Get Ready to Modernize

You will need a long-term transition plan to implement the three pillars. Without a solid plan, you risk wasting investments in solutions that don’t take you in the best direction. It’s important to work with a partner who has the expertise to execute and navigate for the future.

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