Across all industries, segments and geographies, data is being created, captured and consumed at unprecedented rates. With this data explosion comes the need for new, highly scalable platforms for data collection, management and analysis. The ultimate goal is to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to unlock the business value inherent in data.

Addressing Common Cross-Industry Data Challenges

While some solutions for data collection, management and analysis are tied closely to the needs of specific industries, others span all industries. Either way, many of these solutions incorporate Apache® Hadoop®, which addresses key challenges associated with storing, managing and processing large amounts of data in diverse formats. Here’s a look at the some of the cross-industry use cases that support data analytics solutions.

Data Warehouse Optimization

In preparing data for analysis, the extract-transfer-load (ETL) process can create bottlenecks in enterprise data warehouses (EDWs). A few heavy jobs can bog down an enterprise data warehouse, and more processing means less query capacity. This processing work can be offloaded to a Hadoop system for heavy jobs and to accelerate complex ETL processes.

In addition, Hadoop can serve as an efficient staging and ETL source to complement your existing EDW. Using Hadoop as an enterprise data hub (EDH) to complement your EDW can drive significant cost savings and other benefits. The goal here isn’t to replace your EDW. Rather it is to move certain data, workloads and processes from your existing systems into Hadoop to gain new capabilities and cost economies.

Industry-Specific Use Cases

Let’s turn to a sampling of specific applications of the Hadoop platform, data lakes for analytics and turnkey analytics solutions. These industry-specific use cases are based on the experiences of Dell Technologies, which has worked on countless Hadoop deployments, along with our partners Intel and Cloudera.

Broad Benefits

Regardless of the use case, today’s solutions for data collection, management and analysis offer compelling benefits for organizations that want to extract value out of huge amounts of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. With the right solutions in place, your organization can use and store any kind of data, from any source, in its native format, and perform a wide variety of analyses and transformations on that data.

In more specific terms, data analytics solutions from Dell Technologies enable your organization to:

  • Use and store any data in its native format without forcing transformation 
  • Control costs with open source software that runs on industry-standard hardware 
  • Work with industry leaders to enable a fully supported solution 
  • Contain the rising costs and challenges of data management 
  • Leverage a global user and developer community that spans industries 
  • Scale up quickly to meet your evolving data storage and processing needs


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