Miracle Mill started the cooperation with Teevolution in 2016. When Miracle Mill took over the development the site was deployed in a WordPress setup. As the business model grew it was time to build a custom platform that would allow for future scalability, mobile access, and more interactivity.

The platform was initially deployed to Azure for its cloud computing service. In 2018 it was identified that due to the ambitions of the client and the growth of the customer base the platform needed a significant investment, both in terms of features and infrastructure. An Agile collaborative approach was established together with the client and a plan was created to gradually started using more cloud services.

We began to structure the migration plan that would be systematically completed. The client’s Product Owner and CEO, alongside Miracle Mill’s CTO, worked to formulate the business requirements. A crossfunctional team was comprised consisting of four engineers, one QA engineer, and one designer to complete the development of the platform. The development team worked in an Agile capacity to ensure deliverables were on time and up to the predefined standards. In addition to AWS services the platform is utilizing, Angular, Node.js, Cordova, Salesforce integration, and Klarna for the payment system. By mid 2019 the services have been deployed completely serverless on AWS.

In order to manage content efficiently, all content was moved into Contentful while the translations are now managed in Locize. We engaged in stakeholder interviews and daily conversations with the core team. The goal was to help articulate the goals and objectives for the changes. We also wanted to showcase how AWS could help the SmartGolfa platform, in terms of scalability, security, and cost savings. Helping the client to understand how they would benefit and how the transition would be made was the main objective. We wanted to validify how AWS could be used to solve some of the complex issues on the previous platform, while reusing the components that work well.

Our analysis concluded that SmartGolfa would gain operational productivity and flexibility by moving to a serverless model. For example, costs will be closely related to traffic and therefore revenue. There would not be any scaling issues as the service grows in popularity and more services are integrated into the platform.

Migration & Results
After approximately nine months of work, the following AWS services had been implemented with all corresponding data migrated successfully. In total, the project is utilizing multiple AWS services for development purposes and client interaction purposes.

AWS Lambda is being used for backend API calls. AWS Step Functions are being used for functions that take longer than a few milliseconds to complete, and also where transactional safety is required such as bookings and purchases. Amazon CloudWatch is being used for surveillance and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for storage. Both the frontend and the backend utilize an API gateway to front the customer and provide efficient service. Amazon Cognito has been extended with plugins for authentication for mobile and web using Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) for SMS notifications. Amazon DynamoDB is the database in use.

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