Every commercial enterprise is now a virtual commercial enterprise, irrespective of industry. To supply at the commercial enterprise promise, I&O leaders ought to recognition on systems and practices that empower personnel and pride customers. The pace of infrastructure offerings and performance are simply of the underlying vital talents for success. As agencies evolve, they ought to more and more more depend upon infrastructure automation to supply such talents required of them.

In 2020, 56% of world infrastructure generation decision-makers surveyed with the aid of using Forrester said that they’re imposing or have carried out infrastructure automation software; a in addition 19% stated that they have been making plans to accomplish that withinside the coming year. To succeed, I&O leaders ought to strategically put into effect those computerized technology to energy the agility, pace of execution, security, and dependability to pride customers.

Simultaneously, as businesses risk increasing security attacks, the manual approaches of managing security threats do not scale. With increasing attack surfaces, businesses must aim for automated ways to manage every stage of the infrastructure security lifecycle. Enterprises must plan for security and automation as part of their infrastructure from the very beginning of the design phase.

Key Findings

  • Automation of infrastructure management often requires manual remediation, sapping IT resources. As companies continue to automate a wide range of processes, I&O pros face mounting server security threats caused by increased threat vectors and attack surfaces. However, only 22% of IT managers feel their company is efficiently automating security policies. Ongoing server security challenges, such as controlling access, managing threats, and BIOS/ firmware exploits, require remediation, which takes important IT resources away from higher-value work.
  • Automation and security capabilities are driving investments in newer servers. Our study found that half of IT managers anticipate adopting new servers within the next two years. As they implement this technology, 54% look for automation, 50% seek easier configuration compliance, and 33% desire continuous security innovation.
  • I&O pros expect new servers to save them time and money. Using new server technology, IT managers expect time savings of nearly 14% for remediating vulnerabilities and 10% reduction of IT time spent on deployments and routine IT management tasks. In addition, I&O pros estimate that new servers will help trim operating expenses by an average of 6%.

Security Remediation And Provisioning Sap IT Staff’s Time

IT departments are seeking servers with new capabilities as they work to overcome several challenges. Two of the top challenges for IT departments include automation and security. These main challenges lengthen the time and increase the effort that provisioning of IT infrastructure takes.

Provisioning saps time and resources and often requires additional remediation for security and compliance issues.

  • Provisioning is quick, but compliance enforcement takes longer. Around three-fourths of the provisioning requests can be completed in a max of three days. But their readiness for business use takes longer than that, as the I&O pros report that they spend additional time to ensure the provisioned resources follow organizational policies. IT teams report that an average of 19% of provisioning requests require the infrastructure team to remediate for security and compliance . In addition, 65% report delivering servers/VMs to application developers or line-of business teams after checking for configuration drift. 
  • Security challenges can restrain the implementation of self-service capabilities. Many decision-makers (63%) report their firms allow for some level of self-service for provisioning on-premises IT resources. But self-service capabilities are not without challenges. More than half of professionals at organizations not currently providing self-service capabilities report security and technology challenges, and more than 40% anticipate compliance challenges.

Key Recommendations

As enterprises aim for digital transformation, I&O leaders must take multiple steps to develop a secure and automated technology infrastructure. Implementing new server technology is one of those first steps. Forrester’s in-depth survey of I&O professionals yielded several additional important recommendations:

Refine IT processes. A bad process automated is still a bad process. Before purchasing automation tools, inventory your workflow around IT infrastructure. Can some manual steps be made more efficient? Are some steps no longer required with modern infrastructure? Can some change management steps be removed as governance becomes code?

Keep the business objectives in mind. Businesses depend on end to-end service automation to improve their speed of service: app development, testing, and rolling out new services in production. Self-service capabilities have taken a lot of friction out of the process; however, it’s far from frictionless. Technology infrastructure must stay compliant and be governed by organizational guardrails. Automated enforcement and remediation of those policies should be a key focus given the volume and complexity of today’s infrastructure.

Focus relentlessly on automating infrastructure services. Developers focus on application logic and don’t want to worry about infrastructure intricacies. On-premises infrastructure will remain relevant in tomorrow’s business model, but only if technology leaders automate and abstract the infrastructure services across silos and lifecycle stages and take care of all interdependencies.

Be cognizant of the security holes in hardware. Businesses are being attacked from all sides and must guard against all attack vectors to minimize risk. It’s not just software that has security vulnerabilities; vulnerabilities also exist at the hardware layer. Infrastructure — especially when heavily distributed — can increase the attack surface by orders of magnitude. Tech leaders face considerable pressure to embrace infrastructure innovation and serve business requests without compromise — even as they need to maintain or improve the overall security posture.

Work with a trusted IT services partner. Modernized IT organizations recognize the importance of a trusted IT services partner to guide the automation journey. Bringing in a partner also ensures that the automation of IT optimizes your strategy, ensures it is holistic, and smooths out any bumps over the long term.

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